Last First Kiss

Ruby who is big fan of Supernatural... Watches all the season in a weekend, she loves Dean Winchester and she has a dream about Dean Winchester... and this is how it goes


1. Ruby Lifestyle

Ruby is a fifteen year old, who loves Supernatural. She loves Dean Winchester, she always think if she meets Dean Winchester she would marry him. It was Saturday 25th March 2005, her parents were doctors always called to the hospital, she basically doesn't seem them anymore. She has a best friend named Lily who basically lives with her to keep her company. Lily has a boyfriend named Matt. Sometimes I get jealous of them. But I don't a boyfriend yet cause I want Dean Winchester to myself no-one can have him. It is 12.00AM and I need to go to bed as I have church in the morning, I am a Christian. Lily goes there too so she isn't bored at home. I am sleeping peacefully.

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