Our lives with louis and niall

Megan is a 21 year old girl who is dating Louis Tomlinson but does her best friend Erica like him too? Even though she's dating Niall Horan? And does Megan like Niall?


1. 1st chapter: the brakeup

Erica P.O.V

Niall has been gone for a long time. I'm gonna text him.

Erica: babe where are u your taking forever! Plz get back.

Niall: be there in a few love.

Erica: ok

Niall P.O.V

I feel so bad for doing this. But I have to tell her. I get in the car and drive home.

Few moments later

I got home and saw her lying on the couch fast asleep with the TV on. I carried her to her room bride style laid her in her bed. I took a quick shower and decided I will tell her next thing in the morning.

Erica P.O.V

I woke up with Niall next to me his arms wrapped around me. I went to the kitchen and made us some pancakes. Then I heard footsteps and I turned around and I saw Niall he looked sad. " what's wrong?" I asked "I have to tell u something." "Anything" " I cheated on u" right when he said that I fell like my heart stopped like it shattered in to a million tiny little pieces like my whole world got ruined I loved Niall and I don't know what to do without him. "What?" I simply answered " I cheated on you and I can't go on like this and I want you to know that I still love you but I'm breaking up with u." Of course I cried my eyes out when he said that. He left the kitchen and grabbed his bags. I was there stunned and he walked out the door like nothing happened.

Niall POV

Of course I felt super sorry I felt incredibly bad I wish I could go back and change what I did but I couldn't. Life isn't like a time machine but sometimes in life you wish it was.

Megan POV

I was lying on my bed until my phone rang it was Erica FaceTimeing me I knew this was important I quickly answered when I did I saw her crying so much that she could've made a pool "what's wrong?!?" I asked " N-N Niall" "Niall what?!" H-He broke U-U-up with me" "what??!" I screamed so loud I bet New York could've heard me. "I'm coming over there." I said and I hung up. I got in my car and drove to Her house. After I got there I knocked on the door and it immediately opened I saw her crying really hard. "It's ok " I said hoping I would make her feel better " No it's not! You know how much I loved him !" She said I didn't reply. "C'mon let's go somewhere let's go eat " "ok " she simply answered. I knew she loved food just like Niall.


"That was really good" she said in a better mood " yea I know " "hey can I ask You a question ?" "Yea anything " "can u sleep over I feel a little lonely" "of course " I said. I was really happy to be back with my BFF and sleep over again I don't really get to see Louis that much since they are always on tour a lot.

Authors note:

Hey everyone hope u like the book and this chapter this my very first time getting this time and very first time writing a book hope you all like it and hope I did a good job. Bye!

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