This story is for about a tomboy Australian girl named Kailyn who is stuck between two. On one hand, she has Niall, her best friend. On the other hand, she has Harry, the new flirt in her class. Who will she choose?


2. Morning Run to School

I woke up the next morning shivering due to the fact that my blankets had slipped off of my bed during the night. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t. I took a shower and picked out my outfit for today. I picked out a loose knitted sweater with leggings, legwarmers, and my combat boots. I guess i was feeling girly because I decided to put on some make up. I outlined my sparkling green eyes with a cat eye and put some mascara on. I then added a light dab of blush and put on my usual lip gloss. After that, I got lazy and left my hair down but in a red beanie. I went downstairs, grabbed my jacket and started to head outside.


    “Kailyn! Aren’t you forgetting something?” my mom shouts from the kitchen. I run back and smile at her as I kiss her on the cheek and say goodbye. Then my mom hands me a lunch as I run out the door.


“Kay! What took you so long?” asked Niall walking up to my doorstep.


    “Ahh! Sorry, Niall! But, we gotta run now! Or else we’re going to be late!” I grabbed his hand and started running towards school.


    When we got to school, we were both panting as we walked up to our lockers. That’s how I got to know Niall. When he moved to New Zealand last year, we were locker neighbors. Even though he was a new kid, he’d have girls flirting with him at his locker all the time. It was quite amusing for me to see him deal with all that. Anyway we’d often meet at our lockers and he’d even made a game out of it. He would ask random questions every time he saw me at my locker, and sure enough I thought it was lame and cheesy but creative and fun. I realized that he was a cool person to hang out with, and this year we had a lot of classes together so we got to know each other a lot better. I walked over to the water fountain, but Niall suddenly nudged me out of the way first.


    “Hey! Not cool, dude!” I said throwing my hands up in the air. He smirked and splashed water all over his face. I started fixing my beanie when he turned around.


    “Hey! You look different? Are you wearing makeup?” he questioned water dripping from his face.


    “Yes Niall. I am a girl and I do have a right to wear makeup but seeing it as it won’t last much longer, enjoy it while you can.” I grinned.


    “Are you taking it off?” he asked.


    “Dude, why are you so curious? And yes it looks really nice and refreshing to have cold water on my face since it’s all sweaty right now, so I’m gonna dunk my head in the water fountain.”


    “Awww! Kay, come on! It looks so nice, though!” he whined. I raised my eyebrow and started walking to the water fountain. He ran over to me and grabbed my favorite beanie off my head.


    “Okay you may dunk your head in the water, but I’m telling you if you do, then this beanie will be viciously murdered in my hands right in front of your eyes!” I frowned but turned around and took a drink of water. Nothing more, nothing less.


    “Okay Niall, do you see my face? It’s not refreshing and cool like yours. Happy, now?” I asked.


    “Oh yes. I am one happy Irishman!” he answered.

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