This story is for about a tomboy Australian girl named Kailyn who is stuck between two. On one hand, she has Niall, her best friend. On the other hand, she has Harry, the new flirt in her class. Who will she choose?


1. My bestie:)

“So how did it go with Daran today?” asked a hidden voice. I closed my locker shut to see my best friend leaning on the locker next door. After I checked to see who it was, I opened my locker back up to look at my reflection. All of the lockers at our school had mirrors on the entire inside door, after a petition one of the students had a long time ago. I put my dirty blonde hair up in a ponytail and fixed my leather jacket. I wore it with a chiffon tank top and some ripped jeans with my signature combat boots. I sighed when I saw Niall’s face and began to answer his question.



    “You know how I was so sure he’d ask? Well he didn't. Apparently, he had everything planned out to ask me and then heard some rumor that you and me were dating, and instead of manning up to it and asking me, he just figured it was true. Like seriously?! And then he asked Tracy! Like gosh! Guys can be such idiots!” I eyed my friend as he chuckled and then added, “No offense, bro. Some are smarter than the rest.”



    “None taken. Anyway he was an idiot for not asking you. He just missed out on a great girl.”

    I smiled and added, “I know right! Well whatever, his loss. So, you wanna grab a taco?” I was usually one to be carefree and didn't mind what others thought of me. I didn't take things too seriously and lived in the moment.



    “Yeah, I guess. But, can we pick them up and eat them at my house? My sister will probably be home and that way I could get her one too.”


    “Yeah, on one condition,” I told him and started to smirk.


    “Oh boy, I’m getting nervous. Does your condition involve the world ending?” he joked.


    “No silly, I just want to drive!”


    “So in that case, my world just might end.” I laughed as he tossed the keys over. I walked over to Niall’s motorcycle and took out the helmets. My dad taught me how to ride one when I was 16 as soon as I got my driver’s license. I gave him a helmet as I put one on myself. We both climbed on as I accelerated off to get tacos with my best friend.


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