Meet Me At The River

Elizabeth is shattered into pieces when her dog dies unexpectedly, her dog is buried by the river and automatically the river becomes a sacred place to her. Elizabeth is tired of the act of being fine, she just wants to cry.


1. No Goodbye

   Nightmares surround me. Except i'm awake. This time even the worst dreams can't destroy me. Its been a month since my world shattered. since Tess left us. Its hard. Harder then hell. Every morning I wake up and act. Smiles. laughs. even a thousand needles will never be as painful as this. Fear and despair trap me in their hands but I don't care. I'm already beaten and broken. No not broken, some broken things can be fixed, I'm shattered.


   My last few hours of school are spent trying to focus. but I can't. so i'm very relived when the final bell rings. I run to my car and go over the same conversation with my mom. Who never understands my pain. "How was the day?" "Good" "What did you learn?" "Stuff" its classic. The weekend is finally here. Which means I can cry at night and I won't have to make myself go to bed.


   I wake up the next day and feel okay. Maybe crying helps. But I don't know, maybe its the fact that tomorrow i'm going down to our land to get fresh air.   

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