Summer Love

Aria Adams (Ariana Grande) and MaKenzie Ferris (Sarah Pieterse) both work in a resort in Hawaii owned by Aria's uncle. They have been best friends since birth. When One Direction comes to
stay at that resort all there is, is romance,drama, friendship, secrets, and more drama. Follow Aria, MaKenzie, Louis, and Niall through their messed up Summer romance.


1. Cause I'm a Swagatron!

Aria's P.O.V

" Hey Kenzie! My uncle wants us up at the lobby!" I yelled to her as she just finished teaching a 10 year old how to surf. Do you have any idea how difficult that is? I tried to teach a 9 year old once and it took about 5 hours until he was able to even stand on the surf board!

" Well kid now you can surf. Well kind of." She said as I walked over to her. She looked over to me and smiled. What does that old butt want now??" She said as I finally reached her. " Something about important guest." I said shrugging.

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