i'm just an ordinary girl..

Read it, you won't regret it



Abigails POV

Austin Mahone. He is perfection.. From his eyes, to the way he laughs.. The way he's so kind to people. That is my opinion on austin. Hi, my name is Abigail, & even though i hate austins music, i would love to get to know him.

To bad i'm just an ordinary girl.. A couple of weeks ago i sent him a picture of me, a letter, & my phone number. I may seem kinda desperate.. But i promise you i'm not, lol. I'm only looking for a friendship.. I have dark brown eyes, full lips, dark long hair with red tips that go all the way to my butt. I am 5'5 & i am 14 years old.

I was at the movies with my best friend Macie, when i got A text message. The text message said, " Abigail?". I stood there trying to recognize the number, i didn't recognize it so i didn't reply.

After the movies, i took out my phone to call my mom to pick us up. I was about to call her, but someone was calling me- the person that texted me. I decided to answer.

Me: hello?

Stranger: Abigail?

Me: thats my name don't wear it out:) who is this?

Stranger: its austin! i got your fan mail & i decided to call you, i wanna get to know you.

Me: Really?

Austin: Yeah well i'll text you tomarow beautiful, I hope you're having a good night.

me: goodnight

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