Not a Love Story

Sophia and Kian were the it couple in high school. In high school they were even voted most likely to get married and now their some people's OTP on YouTube. Their parents are really close friends and having been urging this relationship from the start. Basically Sophia and Kian are together forever... Right?


1. O2L

Kian's P.O.V

Today Sam and Trevor are coming over to do a big video with Connor, JC, Ricky and I. I was sitting on the couch while my girlfriend Sophia set up the camera. She normally helps us film videos. We have been together since freshman year of high school. She normally sleeps over at my house. Our parents don't mind. They really like that we love each other. They even encourage we hang out all the time.

Sometimes I just feel like my life has been set for me. Like I'm supposed to be with Sophia for the rest of my life. I do love her though. She is like a sister to me. A beautiful, funny, non-annoying, smart, sexy, sister. We have known each other since 6th grade when we started middle school. I still love her... I think.

Sophia's P.O.V-

Soon Sam and Trevor came over and we started filming. They were all so funny. Kian sat in the middle of all of them and I couldn't help but stare and think he deserves better. I'm not the best girl for him and I know that, but I will try to be.

"How about we go out for pizza?" Kian asked.

"Sure!" All the boys said in unison.

They all started leaving when Sam stopped and asked me "You coming?"

"Um... I should go home."

"Please Sophia?!" They all said giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Fine!" Sometimes they are just so adorable.


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