The Concert Kiss

A girl named Annie has to go to a concert with her little sister when someone falls in love ❤️ will it be Annie or possibly her sister or maybe Zayn Harry Neil Liam, or maybe even louis.


8. Will She Make it?

Chapter 8: Will She Make It?

Zayns p.o.v.

“Annie can you hear me?” I ask her lightly “yea.” She responded. “You’re awake!” I yell. “Makenna, come in here Annie is awake!” I heard feet running from the stairs above us. They were going really fast. She really wanted to get down here. “Annie, you’re awake, finally!” Makenna screamed when she ran in. “Oh my god, be quieter.” Annie said to her quietly. “I’m just so glad to see you talking and, well, being awake!” makenna told her. “I have only been asleep for two hours.” “Actually Annie you have been asleep for an entire day.” I added in. “What no I haven’t!” “Annie guess what!” Makenna said. “What?” “The doctor said you are going to be okay.” “I knew i was going to be ok, I always knew, as long as i had you two to take care of me.”  “I-.” Makenna was cut off by the doctor. “We will have to ask you to leave the room, we are doing some tests.” Makenna and I left into the waiting lounge and sat there for about two more hours. “Zayn?” asked Makenna. “Yeah?” “What if the doctor was lying and Annie isn’t going to make it.” My eyes filled up with tears.  “She’s going to be okay.” “Promise me that?” I felt my tears slip out. “I promise you.” The doctor came out with a concerned look. “Mr. Malik, can I pull you aside for a moment?” I got up and met with the doctor. “Annie’s results don’t look to good, she only has a thirty five percent chance of living.” Right then Makenna and I broke down. “I cant handle this any more. Is she going to make it or not!” I told the doctor in an angry tone. “Zayn, you need to calm down ok. You dont even know her that well.” Makenna said in a sad voice, more depressed than sad.  I clenched my fists and ran out of the hall. “Zayn wait!” yelled Makenna. I just kept running until I reached the place where I first saw her. I stared at the empty parking lot in front of me. I looked at the parking space where she had parked, and a million thoughts of anxiety rushed through my head. I looked away to ignore the pain. I looked at where the ambulance had parked when they came to get her to the hospital, and blood stains still on the ground. I couldn’t take this anymore, I finally found the girl I could spend the rest of my life with and now she might not even make it. When I started to think about this I remembered the words makenna had said “You don’t even know her.” I dont know her but in a way i feel like I have known her my entire life. I feel like I was there when she took her first step. Learned how to ride her bike, and then all the sudden the memories came back to me. I was there, How did I not remember this. We were best friends until 8th grade. Then i moved and tried out for the X factor and got third place! How did I not remember her. I had always loved her i was just too afraid to tell her. I thought she might run away from me. All the sudden I heard Makennas voice around the corner. “Zayn she just passed out!” Makenna yelled at me. “You have to come back! She needs you!” she yelled at me. I didn’t respond. I just looked at the blood stained ground. I forgot her and now she is going to die. How could i be so cold. “Zayn?!” Makenna yelled again. I finally turned around with tears in my eyes. I walked up to her slowly. “I do know her, I do Makenna. I knew her when you were little i knew her before you were born. I forgot her. I don’t deserve her, I don’t get to say goodbye.” I told Makenna quietly. “If you don’t say goodbye both you and her will be heart broken, and hurt.” Makenna told me as she ran in to give me a hug. She started crying. “How could I do this to her?” I said under my breath. Makenna didn’t hear. She did her one thing. It was me, starting to cry. “lets go back inside the hospital, at least if she doesn’t make it she will know you care about you.” Makenna whispered in my ear and she grabbed my hand and lead me around the corner back to the hospital. We got inside and I could feel eyes on us. I looked in the window at Annie, her monitor lines were going up only a little. I tried to pull away but Makenna pulled me back. We looked at each other and went in. Everyone looked at us, including Annie. I ran over to her and hugged her. “What’s this all about?” I just looked at her and said, “I do know you, you’re Annie Elizabeth Worms, your birthday is October 18th, 1997, your favorite color is black and you love it when guys hold your hand and cuddle with you.” Annie just stared at me in disbelief. “You remember me? I thought you had forgot all about me. Thats why i didn’t want to take Makenna to the concert because i knew you were there. I knew you weren't going to remember me. I didnt want to be treated like i was just another fan so i did everything i could to act like I didn’t like you. You never said goodbye to me when you moved. Never.” Annies voiced died down her heart had stopped. “Doctor!!!!!!! you have to come! She flat lined!” Right then the doctor ran in. He had three nurses with him. “You have to leave the room right now!” the doctor told me. I told makenna to leave but i also told the doctor i wouldn’t leave. “Annie, I- I have always loved you!” Right then her heart started to beat again. “Annie! I have always loved you I remember you! I knew i knew you when i first saw you at the concert in the car. I didn’t get to see your face though I- I just knew!” I told her. She started to cry, but they were tears of joy. “Zayn, I’m going to tell you something that I’ve never told anyone before.” “Yeah?” “I love you with all my heart, you mean the world to me and you are the only guy I’ve ever really felt this way about.”  Makenna ran over and got in the group hug. We all started laughing. Then the doctor walked in...  “I have some news..”

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