The Concert Kiss

A girl named Annie has to go to a concert with her little sister when someone falls in love ❤️ will it be Annie or possibly her sister or maybe Zayn Harry Neil Liam, or maybe even louis.


1. chapter 1 Annie


There is a girl named Annie. She has brown hair hazel eyes and she wasn't really a directioner but her little sister Makenna sure was. He little sister was constantly signing one direction songs and Annie hated it. She also hated her last name it was the worst someone could ever have. It was worms! She was constantly teased about threw elementary school all the way tell high school were she is now she is 16 and her little sister was 13.

Her little sister had black hair with blonde almost gold highlights. With straight across bangs Annie had always wanted that kind of hair because Annie's was just had casual brown hair and no bags with blonde tips that where really small tips her hair touched the bottom of her back touching the dimples on the bottom of her back.

Annie has a boy friend named Gavin he is about 5.9" Annie is only 5.5" and she never wears hills so she looks super short around her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend has blonde hair with crystal light blue eyes. She has been dating him since she was 12. Every one called her a slut because she was dating Someone at age 12 but they only kissed and hardly every did that.

Her favorite band is Pierce The Veil but she knew every one direction song because her little sister listens to them all the time on repeat louder than I can turn my head phones which are beats!

In 3 days she has to take her little sister to a one direction concerts. But her and her boyfriend were going to a pierce the veil concert but her mom doesn't trust Gavin so she isn't letting her go and also her little sister has back stage passes so she has to have some 15 or older come with her.

She asked her friend who did like one direction to take her sister but she couldn't because she had to work. So Annie is stuck with it!

(This is what she looks like. She is not a famous person this is me in the picture though)


This was just chapter 1 their is no point of view but their will be in the next chapter I won't repeat things in a whole bunch if people's points of views unless their is something going on ok thanks! ❤️💋

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