Is it really you?



2. chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Hey Maddy, are you ready to go to hawaii for our honeymoon?" Harry asked me. "I'm more than ready!" I said in excitement. We headed on the plane and took a seat. I had a window seat and Harry next to me. "I hate plane rides, they make me nauseous," Harry said. "Aww, then you better rest a bit cuz this is gonna be a long plane ride," I said. A couple minutes later he was sound asleep, his head on my shoulder. Wow what did I do to deserve someone like him? I stared out the window remembering how we met.


Senior year. December. New student. So Harry was a new student at Prairie High School. It was the middle of senior year. He walked into my math class. All the girls eyes were glued on him. I couldn't understand what they saw in him. He thought he was all that and I despise people that are like that. "Omg he's sooo cute!" my best friends Claire and Jessica said to me. Before I could say anything back to them, I heard my teacher say, "okay class this is your new classmate Harry Styles. I need one of you to give him a tour of the school and help him out with whatever he needs." Literally every girls hands shot up except mine. The teacher scanned the room and her eyes landed on me. I tried to hide my face but it was no use. "Madison! How bout u do it. Your a very kind and mature young lady. I think you guys will get along just fine." Ugh! Why meeee! I thought.......


*still flashback*

"Hi what's your name love? I'm Harry." "Oh shaddup and don't talk to me," I said. "What's wrong love? Did I do something to upset you? He asked. "Actually yes.." "And what might that be...?" "Making me help you out with everything when clearly I can't stand you!" I yelled and started walking away. "Well then......Can you at least show me where my next class is?" he asked. I went over and snatched the paper outta his hand. He had chemistry next....with me. Just my luck....

Finally time to go home from school. I'm soo sick of seeing that kids face and watching all the girls drool over him. As I'm about to get in my car I hear someone calling my name. I turn around and it was him.. "Bye Madison!!!" he yelled. I ignored him and drove away.

*next day at school*

"Get outta my way stupid!" Vanessa my arch nemeses yells at me. I finally stood up for myself for once. "SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND GET OUTTA MY WAY. THIS HALL ISNT JUST FOR YOU. GO GET A LIFE AND STOP TALKING TO ME!" I screamed at her. "What did you just say to me?" she asked. "You heard me..." I said back. The next thing I see is a fist aiming straight to my face. Luckily I was fast enough to dodge it. I kicked her straight in her stomach and she fell flat on her butt. She got up furious. She grabbed my hair and slapped my face. She grabbed both of my hands in one of her hands and her other hand still on my hair. Oh no I can't do anything now. She had me in that position for a really long time. My best friends Claire and jessica came running trying to help me, but Vanessa side kicked both of them and they went flying. All of a sudden I hear someone yelling, "LEAVE MADISON ALONE!" Next thing I know is that I'm out of her grip. Someone was fighting her, and that someone was Harry. I couldn't believe it. After how rude I was to him he came to save me. Awww.... After the fight I went up to him. "Thank you soooo much. But I have one question why would you save me if I was so rude to you?" "Well I noticed something about you. Your different that all the other girls I've talked to," he said. "Aww your so sweet. Im sorry for all the things I said or did to you." "Its alright love," he said.

*end of flashback*

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