A New Life

Fresh starts aren't always good. Alex knew this from experience. Moving from place to place, state to state, Alex had moved more than most adults move in their whole life. Every time it was the same. Go to school. Come home. Move house...again. When she moved to L.A. She thought everything would be the same but she was wrong. This time it was different and she had no idea what L.A. had in store for her.


1. First Day...again

This is my first story so comment any feedback and enjoy the story :)

There are so many expectations attached to relationships that they almost never work out..well for me anyway. My name is Alexandra Armstrong, Alex for short. I've tried the whole dating scene but nothing ever goes right until my first day at Lincoln Bay High School. I had just moved from Florida to L.A., California because of my dad's job. He's in the army as a General so I get moved around ALOT. I don't mind it so much, it was a lot easier when my brother, Zach, was around but he joined the army just like dad when he graduated high school and my twin sister before she got a scholarship to college. So it's been 2 years of moving from place to place but I'm finally in my senior year. As soon as I graduate I'm leaving. As much as love my family, I can't stand it anymore.

So my first day at a new school. Nothing new here. I follow my normal routine, keep my head down, stay invisible and don't get noticed. Its easier that way. No attachments. No fuss. I pull up into the parking lot and make my way into my new school. On my way to the reception to collect my schedule, I realised how lost I am. This school is bigger than anywhere I've been before, and without a map I have no clue where I'm going. After aimlessly walking around for 10 minutes, I bump into a preppy blonde girl, who looks about the same age as me. "Hi, I'm new here do you know where I can pick up my class schedule?" She replies, "Of course I do, it's just this way, I'll walk you there". With a big smile on her face she starts making conversation as we walk, "I'm Tori, welcome to Lincoln Bay High. Don't worry I know it seems big but you'll get use to it. So what's your name?" "Alex". There was an awkward silence. I wasn't one for conversation but luckily Tori filled the silence, talking constantly till we arrived. I nodded occasional to make it seem like I was listening but to be honest I really didn't want to get involved. My rules are to blend in after all. I realised that when my dad kept moving us around the country. There was no point getting attached because ultimately I'd have to say goodbye so after the 4th school I didn't even try to make friends. In no time Tori enthusiastically announced "here we are. I better get to class but I'll see you later Alex" once again with a huge smile on her face. Once I'd finally got my timetable, I made my way to home room which I was 15 minutes late to. Oops not a great first impression. As I walk through the door, every set of eyes is looking in my direction like I had something stuck in my teeth or a third head or something. It's like they've never seen a new girl before. After a slight hesitation, I walk to the back of the class to an empty seat. Once I'd sat down it seemed everyone got over me and went back to their own conversation. I look at the timetable I was given trying to figure out where I need to be for the rest of the day when suddenly someone comes up next to me and says "hi I'm Lacey, you're new here right? Of course you are I mean I know that and you know that oh cool we english and bio together omg you are gonna love mr Parker he just awesome and kinda hot too". All I can do is look at her as she carries on talking about this hot teacher. I think she realised how clueless I was as she finally took a breathe. "Sorry heres me blabbering on about a teacher when I don't even know you're name". "Alex". I smile slightly hoping she'd leave it there and go back to her friends but my efforts were wasted. "Hi Alex I'm Lacey but I think I already said that sorry I tend to ramble when I'm around new people but don't worry it wears off after a while. I mean once you get to know me of course" I faintly smile thinking to myself how pointless this conversation was. Just as she was about to speak again, the bell for class went. Saved by the bell. Thank god. Nothing against her personal but I really didn't want to get attached especially since I was only at my last school for 2 months before we moved.

After a few painfully lessons, some not so horrible, it was time for lunch. Yay. [Sarcasm.] I know it was my first day but I just couldn't deal with all the people I was sick of it already so i decided to get in my car and drive to a local diner and have lunch there. I ordered my food and ate. Soon enough I had to make my way back to school, but before I left I noticed a 'help wanted' sign. I quickly spoke to the waitress about the job and without hesitating she said I could start tomorrow after school if I wanted. Perfect. Something to keep me busy and fund my escape from my current lifestyle. Back at school I had one more lesson. English which is my favourite subject so it was a good way to end the day. Mr Johnson, our teacher was really cool and as it was our first day he said we could do what we wanted but by the next lesson, we had to do a detailed book report on our favourite novel. Everyone else around me burst into conversation about their weekend plans and what they planned to wear. Since it was only Monday I thought they were getting ahead of themselves so I chose to ignore them. I stuck my headphone in and started working on my report when suddenly the girl from home room , Lacey popped up in front of me. "Hi. It's Alex right? I'm horrible with names but great with faces. I saw you on your own and thought you'd like some company. What you listening to?" I stare blankly for two seconds then snap out of it "The Killers. Great band". "Cool. Well since you're new here I wanted to introduce you to people but I couldn't find you at lunch. Oh well, no time like the present". She reminded me of Tori a little bit. It wouldn't surprise me if they were friends or even sisters. "So this is Ashley and Christopher". We all say hi. Ashley and Lacey suddenly start talking about the dresses they bought and I immediately lost interest. There was a short awkward silence which is broken by Chris. "Please call me Chris, Lacey is the only one that calls me that it's so annoying". He extents a handshake and I shake his hand. "So where do you move from?" Small talk. Great. "Florida but before that I lived all around. My dad's job means we have to move a lot". "Oh cool, I hear Disneyland is awesome there. You ever been?" I look at him questioning his random question but smile in amusement "No I haven't, we were never close enough to visit but I've always wanted to go". He replied "oh it's really is amazing you have to go sometime, so many rides, so little time". It turned out that Chris was pretty cool and soo easy to talk to. I've always gotten on with guys easily than with girls, probably because I hung around with my brother so much. The bell rang telling everyone it was time to go home.

Finally the first day was over. Walking towards the parking lot, Chris appeared next to me "So since you're new to California would you like a guided tour?". I smile. I've only know him for an hour or so but whenever I'm talking to him, he seems to make me smile. It's nice. Refreshing. In response I say "thanks for the offer but I better get home, I've got a lot of unpacking to do". He graciously accepted my answer and just said "ok I get that. But if you change your mind heres my number. I'd be happy to be your tour guide. I can show you all the amazing things about California. Even the really bad things". He handed me his number and on that note he left and I walked to my car where a group of guys had surrounded it. "Can I help you?" Is the only thing I could think to say. They guys all seemed to back away from the car when one of them spoke up. "That's a nice car. 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T if I'm not mistaken". I raise my eyebrow. "That's right, not many people recognise it...or appreciate it". He smirked, brushing his brunette hair away from his face simply saying "what can I say. I'm a bit of a car buff. Love the sound of an engine". "Good for you." I roll my eyes and continue "Now I don't mean to be rude but I have somewhere to be". Gesturing the guys to back off and move away, I walk over to the car door when he (the guy commenting on my car) steps in front of me blocking my path. "So what's a pretty thing like you doing with a muscle car like this?". He raised his eyebrow as if he's expecting answers from me. "Well if you get out of my way I could, you know, drive it" I was fed up now and still showed no signs of giving up. What was up with this guy? Pushing him out of the way I get into my car. By this point most of the other guys that had previously gathered around my car had left or backed away. I start the engine and pull out. But I still notice that he was standing in the same spot with an intrigued look on his face. His eyes met mine and he smirked. I looked away quickly. I decided to ignore him and drove home.

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