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1. New Dummy—Part 1 // (Baby Niall)

Hey guys! This is a one shot I came up with. I think it's super cute and I know you guys will enjoy it!(=

.•*Niall: Headspace of 1*•.

Zayn: Baba
Liam: Papa
Louis: Daddy
Harry: Dada


"Noooooooooooo!" Niall screamed. 

The lads wrestled with Niall, trying to get the dummy bobbing around in his mouth. It was old and worn out, about on the brink of falling apart and the boys were desperate to get him to part with it, as to get him using the new one they bought. 

"Boo c'mon...give it to Baba." Zayn coaxed, pulling his baby onto his lap. 


"NiNi, if you give it to Baba, you can have all the sweets you waaaaaant!" Louis sing-songed. 

"I. SAID. NO!" Niall screamed and kicked Zayn in the stomach before waddling away. 

He didn't make it too far before he wobbled slightly and fell flat on his face. He burst into tears. 

"Niall James Horan! You do NOT kick Baba!" Zayn yelled and picked Niall up, placing him over his knee and removed his trousers and nappy. 

Niall knew what was coming and screamed even louder, a tiny trickle of blood streaming from his nose. He received 10 hard swats to his bum as well as Icy-Hot to increase the sting. It was the number one rule in the 1D house to never hurt anybody regardless of what they did. 

As Niall was crying, his dummy fell out of his mouth and bounced onto the floor where Harry picked it up and discreetly slid it in his back pocket. 

"Shah's okay. You're alright." Zayn whispered, cuddling Niall close and rocking side to side. He wiped away the nose bleed as well. 

Niall's sobs reduced to soft whimpers and he frantically searched around him for his security piece. 

"Papa? Can't find dummy!" Niall spat. 

"Sorry bud, but we can't find it either. The only other dummy we have for you is your new one." Liam said and popped it in his mouth. 

Niall bobbed it around for a bit before spitting it out and screaming at the top of his lungs once more. The lads sighed and sat back. Zayn went into the kitchen and prepared him a warm bottle of milk, nudging the tip into Niall's mouth, and urging him to drink from it. He did, and gradually his screaming ceased and his eyes fluttered closed. Zayn placed him in his crib upstairs and joined the others downstairs again. 

"I just don't know what to do." He complained. 

"Maybe he just needs time to adjust to the new dummy." Harry offered. 

"Or maybe some slight awards here and there." Louis said.

"What are you getting at?" Zayn raised an eyebrow. 

"Like, what if every time Niall used the new Dummy, he'd get a prize, so to say." 

"We can try, but I doubt Niall will fall for it." Zayn sighed and pushed back his fringe. 








The next morning, the guys were awoken by an ear splitting scream. Niall's always been a loud screamer but this was a whole new level of loud. Harry groaned and clamped his pillow over his bed head curls. Louis pat his shoulder. 

"It's okay, I got this one babe." Lou said and shuffled out of the shared room and down the hall to Niall's nursery. 

The poor baby was standing upright in his crib, gripping the bars for support, with a soaked nappy hanging heavily from his hips. 

"Awww baby....did you go potty?" He cooed and hoisted Niall out of the crib and onto his hip. 

Niall whimpered and rubbed his eyes with his fists, popping his other thumb in his mouth. Louis took notice in this and swatted his thumb away. 

"No bud, that's a no-no." Louis wagged his finger back and forth before his baby. "You'll get bad teeth!"

"B-but. Niall no dummy. Dummy go bye bye." Niall whispered, looking up at his Daddy with wide eyes. 

Louis sighed and reached into the basket on the changing table, handing the new dummy to Niall who placed it in his mouth unhappily. 

"This not NiNi's dummy!" He said. 

"I know bud but you lost your old one and that's the only other one we have. So it'll have to make due."

Niall pouted. 

"C'mon bud, if you use the new dummy for Daddy, I'll pick out a special spot on the living room wall for you to draw on; afterwards when you're done we can hang a frame around it." Lou urged. 

"Niall drawl on w-walls? B-but that's no no!" 

"I think we can make an exception this one time bud." Louis said and ruffled Niall's blond tufts. 

"Otay daddy."

Niall gurgled happily and Louis proceeded to change his nappy, then taking him downstairs where the other boys were up and about, bustling around the kitchen. Harry was the first to take notice of Niall's new accessory and gasped. 

"Good boy NiNi, I'm so proud of you!" He said and took Niall from Louis before placing him in his high-chair. 

"Very proud." Zayn said, pecking his boyfriend on the cheek and sitting next to Niall to feed him. 

Niall removed his dummy and opened wide for a spoonful of honey porridge. The lads cooed at him and Niall smiled wide. 


This is only part one, of course I wouldn't just leave Niall without his old dummy!


Anyways, 5+ likes and 6+ comments and I'll post part 2!(=

Xoxo, HoransCupcakes

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