Dealing With Death

Sequel to The Reason Sirius Doesn't Love Anymore. It has been six years since Belief's death and everyone is in their seventh year. Sirius still isn't the same. James and Lily are officially together and Severus is no longer tolerated by anyone but the Slytherins.


1. Remembrances

Sirius Black was standing in front of the Black Lake.  He didn't want to go to the real spot where she died, but this would work.  He stood there contemplating the death of his sole love, Belief Wakefield.  He was too miserable to go home for Christmas.

It was Christmas Eve and the next day would be the six year anniversary of her death.  He was going to visit the real place of her death the next day.  He looked at the charm bracelet in his hand.  The initials SB and BW were entwined on one of the charms.  A single tear escaped his eye.

He remembered her smile and screamed.  He heard her laugh and looked around.  There was no one there.  He sighed.  Nothing made him smile anymore, not unless he was in public, he hid his depression from everyone.  Except from his friends, he couldn't hide anything from them.  Suddenly he remembered her touch and the night she first admitted she liked him.  The night he first kissed her.

Sirius stared out across the lake and into the distance.  He wondered if they had found her murderer.  He would check the Daily Prophet as soon as he could.  Then if he didn't find anything there he would ask Dumbledore.

He decided to go inside and go back to his bed.  The rest of the day could wait.  If he was asleep, the pain was less.  He would get to see her smiling face.  His mind had made her grow up with him.  He saw her every night now as a seventh year.

He turned around and walked away.  The world seemed so bleak to him.  No other students stayed behind that year.  Rumors had been passed around that Sirius got violent over Christmas time.  His friends didn't believe that, but they had to spend time with their families.  He understood and didn't care much.

He reached the Griffyndor common room and went up the stairs to the dormitories.  He sat down on his bed and began crying silently.  He leaned back and fell asleep, tears streaming down his face.

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