Adopted By Liam Payne


1. 1- Adopted

Hope you like my story!


Hallie POV

Hi my name is Hallie. I am 12 years old and I'm an orphan. I live in London England and I stay at Mrs.Hattie's house for Orphans. The way you say my name is different than it looks. You pronounce it HAL-LEE. Not so hard. I have long brownish blondish hair with blue eyes. I love skateboarding and videogames. I couldn't live without music and I love sports. I'm a total tomboy. No girly girl what so ever! Today some big shot band is coming to adopt someone. Speaking of which,"GIRLS AGES 11-14 COME DOWNSTAIRS." Mrs.Hattie yells. I am dressed in basketball Shorts and a t-shirt. I have my air Jordan's on and my hair that is naturally straight, down and a snapback on. I slid down the stair bannister and hop off. I turn around and Mrs.Hattie laughs. "Well someone is happy today." She says. I blush and nodd. I notice that there are five boys standing there. "That was quite impressive." A boy with an Irish accent says. I blush and say,"thanks."

Once all the girls that are called are down stairs they start calling girls into a room to interview them. I was the last one to go in the room. "Hallie Peterson." One of the boys question. This boy has chocolate brown hair and eyes. I raise my hand and he signals for me to come over. I run over and stop once I get to the nice boy. "Hi love. I'm Liam." He says and sticks out his hand. I stick out mine and say,"I'm Hallie." He walks me into a room and sits me down in a spiny chair. All the boys are here. They all just stare at me. I guess I looked tense because one of the boys said to loosen up. "No need to be tense love. We aren't going to hurt you." A boy with curly hair said. "Okay." I said and started spinning in the chair. I stopped after a while and got really dizzy. "Are you okay?" The boy with a black quiff said. I nodded and said,"lets get started with these questions." They nodded and Liam started asking questions.

(L:for Liam and H: for Hallie)

L: 'How old are you?

H: 12

L: what do you like to do in your free time?

H: play sports and skateboard.

L: what's your favorite thing?

H:Music. I couldn't live without it.




H:Anything Italian

L:Favorite Song?

H:Dont have one

L:Favorite Sport?

H:Basketball or Football


H:September 13 2002

L:Favorite flower?

H:Purple Zinnia's and blue forget-me-nots

L:Favorite Movie?

H:Harry Potter Series

"Okay. Thanks Love. You're free to go." Liam said. I said thanks and spinned the chair around and left. I walked out and grabbed my ripstick. I felt like rip sticking instead of skateboarding. I told Mrs.Hattie I was going outside even though I don't have to because there is a gate around the orphanage so people don't try to leave. I put the ripstick down and started. There is like this half pipe kind of thing in the back so I skated out back. I spend most of the time skating so I'm pretty good. I can go in the air and do and 360 on a RIPSTICK and trust me that's hard.


It had been about 15 minutes later and I hopped off. I heard applauding once I sat down. I quickly sat up and turned around. "Wha-How long have you been there?" I said. "Wow you're amazing!" The Irish one said. The curly haired boy agreed. "Ummm,..Thanks?" I said it came out more of a question. I grabbed my ripstick. "Well um if you'll excuse me I'll be going now." I said and hopped on. "Wait!" Liam said. I made a quick U-turn and headed back their way. "Yeah?" I spoke. "Um. We're gonna adopt you!" Liam said while smiling. I fell off my ripstick and hit my head on the concrete. The last thing I remember is 5 faces around me.


Liam's POV.

So far the all the girls at the orphanage recognize us. And that isn't a bad thing but I don't know. We just want to keep it on the down low. We have narrowed it down to 3 girls. Bailey Thomas, Hallie Peterson, and Lauren Neely. Bailey is a very girly girl. She's like a mini Eleanor. That's what Louis said and he was right. Lauren was an Elite gymnast. We decided not to do Bailey because she didn't really blend with us. And Lauren we thought would be to hectic with our schedule and an elite gymnast so that was a no. I instantly knew it was Hallie though when she came down stairs. She was so tomboyish. And she didn't know that we were One Direction. But we decided on Hallie. Plus she was the perfect age.

When we asked where Hallie was so we could tell her the news the 'headmaster' said she was probably in the back. When we headed out back he was doing all sorts of flips and tricks with a ripstick. SHE WAS SICK! It was amazing that a girl could do that!

When she stopped and sat down we all cheered. She quickly stood up and turned around. Her face was priceless when she saw us. "Wha-How long have you been there?" She said. "Wow! You're amazing!" Niall said. Harry agreed. "Ummm,...Thanks?" She said it came out more of a question. She grabbed her ripstick. "Well um if you'll excuse me ill be going now." She hopped on and left. "Wait!" I said. She made a quick and sharp U-turn. Once she came back she said,"Yeah?" I couldn't wait to see her reaction. "Um. We're gonna adopt you!" I said. She first looked shocked and then she fell off of her ripstick. She hit her head and we all ran towards her. I quickly bent down next to her along with the other lads. "Hallie!" We all screamed. "Hallie wake up angel!" I screamed. Her eyes went in the back of her head and she closed her eyes. "HALLIE!" I screamed.


How'd you like it?! Hope you LOVED it!

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