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Ashley Jordan and Louis Tomlinson were childhood best friends, they fall in love, what happens when Ashley get's pregnant, does she tell louis? Louis then goes to audition for the x factor , what happens when he comes back to Doncaster and sees Ashley ? read to find out


1. are you ready ?

Ashley's P.O.V 


" louis !" i shouted " hey ash" louis screamed from the other end of the playground. " what do you wanna do today?" i asked, " how about a fun game of truth and dare?" he suggested " sure baby what ever you want " i said smiling. louis got a bottle and we sat inside our tree house we built together. louis spun the bottle " truth or dare ?" i asked him " ermm... truth " he said " mm... what do you wanna be when you grow up ?" i asked " i wanna be ... your husband and an international super star bigger that justin bieber but i am 13 and i am living my childhood !" he said, we both started laughing, he leaned in for a kiss and we kept kissing non-stop. " louis .. stop ... please" i said " what's the matter ?" louis asked " well as you said were 13 ... we should live our childhood " i said " no that's not it , something's wrong, it's like you don't want my kiss or you don't wanna make out or anything .. tell me what's wrong ... ?" he asked " well louis ... i got my period last week and my mom told me i might get pregnant if i do anything like that " i said ashamed "ohh " louis replied... there was silence ..." i need to go " i said 


i was in bed that night thinking about that day .. of how stupid i was telling louis i got my period. but why was he mad at me, did he actually want me to get pregnant? what no way !

* phone ringing* 

" hello " i answered, " hi ash , it's me lou, my my and dad are out and my sisters are sleeping wanna come over ?" he asked " just a sec " i told him. i put down my phone and jogged down the stairs looked around, dad was drunk and he was sleeping on the couch and mom was out, i hurried up stairs to my room and got my phone " i am coming right over" i said " sweet see ya !" louis replied , i got dressed and jumped out my window, louis lived right infront of me so i didn't have to walk or anything. 

" hey !" louis said giving me a hug, i came in and we decided to watch a movie, it was louis's turn to choose he put 17 again , " aww i love that movie !" i said " yeah , i know you do " he said smiling. he put on the movie and came and sat next to me on the couch. " hey lou what if my dad finds out i still see you?" i said sadly " don't worry , even if he does i'll be there to defend you, i will never let him hurt you." he replied, i hugged louis and we cuddled up watching. 

half way through the movie we heard people on the doorstep, louis quickly turned of the movie and i sprinted up stairs. i could hear his parents " i am going to bed " louis said " so early , you always go to bed late " his mum said " ohh well i am just really tired good night " louis said . as soon as he came i was in his room , he locked the room and sat next to me on the bed " wanna sleep over ? " he suggested " sure but at 6 sharp i gotta be home " i said " you gotcha , i'll set the alarm " louis said. i smiled louis took of his shirt and got into bed, " are you just gonna stand there?" he asked " i took of my jacket and my pants leaving me with a short t-shirt and my hot shorts " sweet" louis said.

" i am gonna sleep for an hour , wake me up when it's 2 then we'll have fun K ? " louis said " sure lou " i said , i just sat there next to louis , watching him sleep .. 



" don't you dare see that fucking boy again !" my father shouted " but dad you don't even know him !" i shouted back " ohh i know him all to well, he's just using you for sex, i know it" my father said pointing at me " no he's not ! he loves me ! " i protested " listen young lady i am not repeating my self again, i forbid you to see that boy again " he said " or else ..." i asked " or else i am taking you to boarding school " he said , i went in my room and started crying i called louis and explained everything " my parents forbid me to see you too  " he said " why ?" i asked " because your dad was gonna put my mom in jail " he said " so that explains " i said but we weren't gonna give up on each other no no no !!


" louis babe wake up " i said " yh " he said " its 2 " i said " ohh ok i am up " he acknowledged i was trembling " are you ready?" he asked " yh i am" i said .... 


~ onedirectioncrazyfan

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