How a friend could be an enemy.

1. what?

You and I

We don't want to be like them...

I woke up to one directions you and I playing through my headphones, as you can tell I'm a directioner.

I decided to just let it continue playing as I started to get ready for school, it felt like today would be just an average day...

So I thought.

I was walking round to my best friends house to walk to school when I got to her house her mum asked why I was there. At first I was confused why wouldn't I be here I've walked with Kirstie door the last 3 years..?

"Why wouldn't I be here? Kirstie didn't tell me she was ill?"

"Oh no darling, she's not ill she walked to school with Harley Robyn and Casey today? I thought you were with them?"

Millions of thoughts swarmed through my head as I turned to walk away. Why was she with them? She doesn't like them? Maybe it's a mistake?"

When I finally got to school I saw Kirstie so I walked over to her. When She turned around she have me a look of complete disgust. Like I was nothing.

She said to me "can I help you? I don't think I know you?"

It felt like my heart stopped.

" haha funny Kirstie what are you playing at we've walked to school everyday together for 3 years?"

A smirk playing on her lips replied. "I'm sorry did you not just hear me? Who are you?"

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