I said No!

"Why do I have to wake up next to you in the mornings?" I asked him.
"Because I'm your boyfriend!" He replied.
"Well not any more you're not, toodle-oo" I said to him pushing him out of my room.


1. chapter 1

He took off his shirt then he peeled off his skinny jeans to reveal him standing in just his boxers.

"You ready Cameron?" He asked

"Louis put your shirt and your fucking trousers back on and get out of my bloody house!" I screeched.

"Don't you want me to fuck you?" He asked

"No, I don't want you to fuck me!" I screamed

"You do want me to fuck you? Oh Cameron make up your mind" He said in a surprisingly calm voice.

"I do not want you to fuck me, let me repeat that. No fucking Cameron Anya Smith! Now leave my house before I call the fucking cops! Go Louis, we are history!" I shouted pushing him down the stairs and out of my front door.

"Fucking beast" I muttered under my breath. I walked into the living room and switched on the tv to calm me down after my 'incident' with Louis.

"Why is he so fucking persistent?" I thought to myself.

Half an hour had passed since I chucked Louis out of the house, probably another break-up scored for Cameron Anya Smith. I was just about to get ready for bead when the doorbell went. It was probably Louis but who knows?

I opened the door shouting

"What do you want Louis?"

"Do I look like Louis?" A low raspy voice asked.

"Sorry Hazza Bear I thought you were Louis!" I replied looking up at my bezzie.

"You usually don't talk to Louis like that anyway, what happened?" Harry asked.

"Come on in and I'll tell you." I said standing aside so Harry could come in. The two of us walked into the living room and the tv was still on and Harry Hills tv Burp was on.

"Bitch, why do watch this shit?" He asked me gesturing to the screen.

"I don't it was just on" I replied plonking myself on the sofa.

"So Bitch what happened between you and Lou?" Hazza asked.

"We'll just say I am officially single again yeah?" I replied.

"Oh did he try to have sex with you?" Harry asked really eager.

"OMG Hazza bear how do always guess?" I asked,

"I am brilliant at stating the obvious" he replied

"How is it obvious?" I asked

"All your relationships end like this!" He laughed.

"Oh" I replied

"Why don't we go and see a movie to get your mind off things?" Harry asked

"You have the best idea's in the world!" I exclaimed grabbing my coat.

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