Sweet Catastrophy

I am bad at these so please forgive me. Okay this story is out a future society and the whole world is controlled by teens so please enjoy. The title is from a song if you recognize it well lets be friends.


1. Prologue

The year was 3125 A.D. when it all began. The sun had started to expand and burn the world. That's when the world governments started to send out minimizers to stop the expansion, in hope to keep the lives we knew intact.  When the minimizers didn't work the world was scorched beyond recognition, although that is only where our story begins.

Nine hundred children and teens from the ages nine to seventeen were placed into time capsules for one hundred and fifty years so we could repopulate this godless planet. The plan was we were all supposed to work together, but when in history has that ever happened? Never, so after what seemed like years of fighting the original Originees went their separate ways and formed the Groups. Now all of these Groups are fighting to gain control of this dry hellish planet. 

Earth has only 2% of habitable land and only around .75% of that has water, now a very valuable resource. The Hroups that need land and resources take over weaker Groups that have them. Now of my knowledge there are over 100 Groups and the population of earth is over three thousand people.

 It's insane to think that 24 years ago my mom woke from her time capsule. Then seven years later she met my father, a leader of one of our groups, and had me with him. I left the group after it was demolished by the Flame group. The Flame is known for taking over other groups and ripping all of the natural resources out of the earth, then leaving the land to the sun's deadly rays.

I now have my own group formally called The Uprising, but to the lesser groups we are called Sweet Catastrophy. We are trying to bring peace within the groups and kick start the world into a better era. Jeany, Rose, the Council, and I are trying to win the war to bring the Earth back to a fraction of its former glory. 

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