The ghost of Brooklyn bridge

I've never been normal.When i was 5 i saw my first ghost. It was the ghost telling me that my brother would die if i didn't help.I did of course but it was touch and go for a while.I have been seeing ghosts ever since, in maths tests telling me answers to tests or in P.E we would have a supply teacher that we would mess about. But when a ghost come down from the evil side of beyond the veil my life falls apart. And he's the one that delivered my death warrant, and the one that will deliver it! Then because I'm a neon goth he makes people take the mick out of me for it.



*As the whispering wind swept the desolate ground a lonely 5 year old girl wandered into the park.She looked like she was crying.The girl suddenly dropped her phone,sighed and collapsed onto the swings in floods of tears.Just then the girl stood up with a startled shriek. The sad child looked like she had see a ghost.Literally.Her brown unruly hair was tied up in a bobble covering her eyes she swept her hair away from his face.Her crystal blue eyes widened as she stumbled back to step on her phone.
"Go away!"She yelled with her knees shaking with terror.With that she ran of the her house.
As she got in her mother yelled at her for being late for dinner however she just scurried up to her room.
"As I told you before I am NOT a ghost whisper I am Ivy just plain old Ivy Nighshield."She told know one in particular.
"You ARE a ghost whisperer and you aren't just plain old Ivy Nightshield.*

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