The Night Britney Screamed and Shout

Help Help!! (Britney scream) it was a relaxing get away for Britney Spears but then one night something tragic happen..


6. Reunited

(Rings doorbells 2x...door opens)

It's Britney Bitch!!

Omg ! Hello bitch !.. Ur finally here! Come in you been?!

Hay gurl ! I been great never better c:

Yay it looks like it cx lol we'll we bout to go to the club tonight! Woah!!!!

I noe hu. Woah!!

Let's get ready gurl.

(Both get dressed up and glamed up and head to a club near the house) *in club*

*Loud music playing nd everyone dancing*

That's my shit gurl! Woahhhhh!!!

I noe!! Woahhhhh!!!

*4 hrs pass by and they start leaving to the house*

*walking in the streets to go home*

Damn gurl tht club is too popping ! C: I noe right c: we'll it's fucken dark we should hurry up.(takes out mirror to look at herself and notice someone)

Britney there's someone following us. What are you talking about? Look behind us. (Checks back and no one there)

What are you talking about gurl? There is no one there. Your might still be drunk gurl. Yea your right I may just be imaging things.(feels relive,checks mirror again)

Britney he's back and walking faster.!(loudly wishpering to Brit) omg are you serious?!(Brit turns around) Oh shit! Run Maddie he's got a knife! (Both start rapidly running in heels nd the guy chasing them with a knife)

Run!!!!!!! (Reaches the door of the house and looks for keys) Hurry Maddie!!! Hurry! (Guy turns at block and sees them) Maddie hurry up he's coming!!!(shoves keys in lock and opens door)(guys run ups to them)(boom:door slams shut)

Omg!!! Ur u Fucking kidding me!!Maddie go lock everything!!

Runs to all the places to lock everything

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