Just a Walk to Starbucks Changed my Life Forever

Sophia and Amy are just normal girls until they go to Starbucks and meet their favorite people, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Sophia and Harry fall in love at first site. Will their love last? Read to find out!


4. The Dates

Sophia's P.O.V

Today is my date with Harry I am soo excited!! So I'm gonna get up and get my shower and then get dressed. During my shower I daydreamed a lot but they were good ones. Now that I'm done my shower I'm gonna put on what I picked out yesterday. I really love my outfit!! Now that in dressed I'm gonna go put on my waterproof make up so that it doesn't drip that is just embarrassing. Then I did my hair in a high ponytail.

I was just sitting on the couch waiting for Harry so I went on twitter to write 'Going on a date with an amazing guy today!! Can't wait Harry!!' And then I tagged Harry in it. Then after thinking for like 2 minutes a knock on the door knocked me out of my thoughts. I know it's Harry so I ran to the door and opened and said " Hello Harry!" " Hey beautiful ready to go" "yup I sure am!" Then me and Harry walked to his car and drove to the beach.

*skip car ride*

When me and Harry got out of the car we grabbed our stuff and headed down to the beach. When we got down there we laid down our towels and sat down the food and started to eat before we got in the ocean .

"Harry may I ask you something?"

"Yea anything Love"

"Well you know how we bumped into each other yesterday do you think it was fait or something else that brought us together?"

"Umm I think that it was actually destiny."

"Oh ok" then I took another bite of my food.

"So Sophia I know we just met but I was wondering if you wanted to be my Umm G-Girlfriend?"

"YES HARRY I WOULD LOVE TO!!!" Then he jumped up picked me up and span me around. Then he put me down and then we finished eating.

When we were finished eating I thought that it was best that I got my tan on first. While I was laying down I felt strong arms pick me up. And take me and start to run I opened my eyes to see Harry carrying me down to the water and he was walking in the water and then I said

"Harry don't you dare on else!"

"Or else what?" Then he threw me in the water. I started to chase after him after I got back up but he was to fast we were running around the beach for a while but then we both got tired. By that time it was about four'o clock

"Wow time went by really fast, Harry"

"Yea it did do you think its time for a walk on the shore hand in hand yet?"

"Yes, yes it is" then we both started to walk. We talked about life and all of that stuff then he suddenly stopped me and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back after I realized what was going on. It was a long passionate kiss then I heard cameras. Omg I'm getting scared

"Harry what is going on?!"

"GO AWAY YOU ARE RUINING MY DATE!!!" Then they all walked away and Harry said "where were we" and then kissed me once again.

Amy's P.O.V

It is almost time for my date I'm soo excited. I already got my shower today so I got my clothes on and then did my hair and makeup by that time it was 7: 50 pm I have 10 minutes Til Lou gets here so I think I'm gonna go and watch TV. When I turned on the TV the headline read ' Harrys new girl and him kissing on the beach today' oh no Sophia had to deal with paps on their first date! I feel soo bad for her I really do. Then I heard a knock on my door and ran to get it. It was Lou as handsome as ever. " Hey handsome" " Hey beautiful" he said then I blushed and then we walked out the door and walked to the club cause its right down the street.

When we got to the club we got right in cause of who Louis is. Right when we got in we got drinks and then went on the dance floor and danced our hearts out. Then Lou said

"Amy I have only known you for a day but I want you to be my girlfriend, will you?"

"YES I WOULD LOVE TO!" I said yelling cause of how loud the club was. Then we kissed passionately and danced the rest of the night.

Ok this is my last chapter tonight so thanks for reading so far!! Comment, fan, fav!! Jayde 😜

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