All I Want Is Love

"Evellyn" I whispered. I said I'd never let her go but I did and broke her heart. I got up from the ground and looked into her bedroom and tears were falling from my eyes. "I love you" I whispered and got in my car. I just lost the love of my life. (2nd part to HeartBreaker)


4. "I still love you"

Justin's P.O.V


I got back from panama and everyone thinks Chantel is my girlfriend, and I really hate that people think that now Evellyn is definitely not gonna want to take me back. Everyone is trending on twitter #EvellynIsComing and hopefully it means she is coming back to the world and finally go out in public. I haven't seen her and I truly miss her and I plan to make her mine again no matter how long it takes me. "Justin, Justin" I look around and see scooter standing there, "Yeah" I say and look back at the ground. "She's on T.V" my head shoots up and I run to the t.v and sit in the couch and stare at the screen.



Evellyn's P.O.V

"Evellyn" all the paparazzi screamed and interviewers. I look around and smiled at the cameras. I was in a premiere and i walked down the red carpet and everyone was amazed with my return. "You look beautiful" one shouted, I smiled more and walked further down. "Evellyn, Evellyn can we interview you" I turn around and nodded yes, "Ok today we are interviewing the Beautiful Evellyn Carter with her magnificent return after 6 months with no pictures of herself, now we are here to talk to you so It's a pleasure to meet you you are even more gorgeous in person" I smiled "Thanks nice to meet you", "Your welcome so how do you feel in your return". "I actually feel great you know it's good to be back and yeah" I looked around then back at the camera. "So your different person now you look like a bad girl" I giggled, "Yeah Fresh start" I say.



Justin's P.O.V


"So can we talk about Justin Bieber" she raised her eyebrow and half smiled, my heart was racing at this pace. "Justin bieber yeah sure" she giggled, "So are you guys like friends, you guys made a really cute couple so what's going on" Evellyn bit her lip and looked at camera. " yeah we promised we would still be friends if anything happened to each other" I looked down and scooter stared at me. "Justin" he said and I sighed, I looked back at the T.V. "Do you ever plan on hanging out again or going back together" Evellyn looked soo sad but then she spoke, "If two people are meant for each other it doesn't mean they have to be together right now, we can't help who we fall in love with it's even surprising when you find out everything you want is not going to according to planned, Falling in love with Justin is something I had not expected, Being In love with him is something I could not stop even if I tried" she looked back at the interviewer then at the camera and then she walked away and left the interview. My heart literally stopped beating for 5 seconds when she said that. "She still loves me" I looked at scooter and he smiled. "She still loves me" I stood up from the couch and ran my hands through my hair. "Evellyn still loves justin how cute but does he still love her it doesn't seem like it he got arrested then was spotted with a blonde model named Chantel Jeffries who also has been arrested before" the interviewer said . "Why do they keep saying this I still Love Evellyn can't they see it I love her sooo much only her" I yelled and scooter calmed me down. "Justin don't listen to the media" I breathed in and out and turned off the t.v. "I want to talk to her but she doesn't answer her phone she probably got a new one" I really want to talk to Evellyn but it don't know her number I really miss her. "Justin If you really love her like you say you do you would've tried winning her back along time ago but you chose not too" scooter left and I couldn't believe he said that, "I do love her" I yelled. I broke down crying. I love her I love her I kept telling myself. But I have to prove her. I'm going to fix her broken wings but first I have to fix mine.



Evellyn's P.O.V


"Evellyn, Evellyn Evellyn" is all everyone said, I admitted to the whole world that I still love justin because I do. But I'm not the same person anymore, I changed I plan it to stay like that, I can't let anyone see my weakness. I had to perform a song to a little concert that they were doing that was free to anyone that wanted to go. I wrote the song after the break up and The music video is gonna be played In front of everyone the one me and Austin filmed in. "Hey Evellyn" I turned around and saw austin his mouth flew open and I half smiled "Hey" I said soft. "What happened to you you look diffre.." I cut him off, "New look" I said. "Well I love the new look" he winked and I playfully rolled my eyes, "thanks I guess" he smiled. "Want to go find a seat your music video is gonna play any time now" I nodded and we left to find a seat in the front row. The place was so packed and some people tried to get my attention by screaming my name.



Justin's P.O.V


I left my house hoping know one would see me, I drove were Evellyn was suppose to be. When I got there I put on some glasses and a hoodie, I got off my car and snuck to the concert that she was gonna be. "Now Evellyn Carter" I tried looking for her then everything went dark and I couldn't see anything. Then there she was on a huge screen then music started playing.



"All those times we talked about how we saved our selves we planned it all and when we find out everything was a lie, I should've known because I always did I just didn't want to believe it I just wanted us to be perfect be we were so far from that" everyone cheered and she was wearing an over sized shirt and her hair was sort of messy.


"I must be dreaming You fit so perfect I wanna give myself away You must be worth it Give you my touch You take me higher and above And then you turn And leave me here with nothing" the camera pointed it to austin mahone and they hugged and he kissed her in the top of her forehead. I felt my heart ache.


"Red love, red, red love Red love, red, red love" everything in the video went bright then in the video Austin pushed her to the wall then he kissed her and the crowd went wild, he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he laid her on a bed. I felt like turning off the music video and beating up Austin.


"All that I wanted Was for the first one to care You kept your secrets And told me life was unfair Gave you my trust You had me right there in your clutch I felt the rush Then you just looked away like" once again they kissed again and he took off his shirt and he took off hers. My heart broke into millions of pieces seeing Evellyn Kiss another guy, but I knew it was just a music video


"Red love, red, red love Red love, red, red love You didn't even turn around to look back Didn't even stay to watch me cry Now when I turn around to look back Everything you said was a lie Oh, baby baby Red love, red, red love Red love, red, red love" they were in the bed sleeping and the blanket was around Evellyn and then she opened her eyes and she got up and austin wasn't in the bed next to her. Her face turned sad and she dropped to the floor crying, which made me hurt.


"Guess I was dreaming I wore my heart on my sleeve And when the rain came pouring down You were so far out of reach But I'm waking up Sometimes enough is enough If I can never get it back At least I gave it all for Red love, red, red love Red love, red, red love You didn't even turn around to look back. Didn't even stay to watch me cry Now when I turn around to look back Everything you said was a lie Oh, baby baby Red love, red, red love Red love, red, red love Red love, red, red love Red love, red, red love" she stayed there crying in the floor then she closed her eyes and the screen went bright and there were pictures of her and Austin kissing and I could help it and a tear fell from my eye and I wiped it immeadiatly.

The lights turned on and Evellyn went on stage with Austin Mahone, "I hope you guys like the music video and this song goes to anyone who lost someone they loved and let them go just for them to be happy , and Uhmm it was really hard for me to write this song especially because I put a lot of my feelings and emotions into this song and Uhmm,..."



Evellyn's P.O.V

"I still love this person till this day" I looked into the audience and my eyes landed on to a guys, I stared into those eyes and they were so familiar. Justin I said to myself and it was him . His eyes were blood red from crying and It hurt me knowing he was like that. "Just.." I was cut off, Austin touched my shoulder and I looked down then back to where I saw justin and he wasn't there anymore. I said goodnight to everyone and I ran backstage and tried looking for justin but I couldn't find him. I ran to I saw him and looked all around him, "Justin" I whispered. "Evellyn" I turned around hoping it was Justin but it wasn't it was Austin, "are you alright" I nodded no and he hugged me and I hurried my face in his chest.



Justin's P.O.V


She left the stage and I went to go look for her, "Evellyn" I screamed and nothing. I went back to I was before with my head down. I looked up and saw Evellyn and Austin hugging, my heart hurted at this point. My heart race was beating so fast, "I still love you" I whispered then walked away.



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