I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


19. The Baby Shower

Zoe’s POV:

I miss Liam already and it’s only been one day. Oh god it’s my hormones talking. I was the first one awake this morning. So I got off the lounge and went to the kitchen to make some food for us. Everyone that was still here was Jordan and the twins, Perrie, El and Jackie. I heard the door open and it was Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis. ‘’hey boo Bear’’ I heard Liam say. ‘’Liam’’ I said like a little kid. ‘’are you alright?’’ he asked. ‘’yea I missed you’’ I replied. ‘’me too’’ he said. And I gave him a kiss. He then knelt down to my stomach and said ‘’hey my little boo bear. I hope you were good for your mummy last night. I love you’’ and I giggled. ‘’what’s going on here?’’ Louis asked. ‘’saying hello to my girl and my baby’’ Liam replied. ‘’ok guys breakfast is served enjoy’’ I said and we ate. When everyone was finished and we all started getting ready for the baby shower. Jordan and I made the cake for the shower and it looks good if I do say so myself. We than got changed into swimmers and ready for today.

Liam’s POV:

 It was 12pm when everyone started getting here. First was Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne, Julie. Then came Brent. Zoe put out some food for everyone to each and we then went in the pool. Zoe got out and headed inside. She came back out with some more food. She was still glowing. I got out and helped her with the food.

Zoe’s POV:

 I got out of the pool because I had to use the bathroom when I came out I was scared by Andrew. ‘’what are you doing here and out of prison?’’ I asked him. ‘’good behaviour again’’ he replied. ‘’stay away from me’’ I said. He pushed me against the wall and said ‘’if you tell anyone I’m here I’ll kill your baby and your Liam ok. Just go on and pretend everything is fine’’ he said holding a knife. ‘’you’re just an ass. I will keep your secret just stay away from me and my family or god help you. If you hurt Liam or the baby when it is born I will kill you I don’t care if I die protecting my family’’ I said and kneed him in the balls. He grabbed my arm and said ‘’I dare you to do it again’’. ‘’ just stay away from us. I mean it’’ I said and he left. I cannot believe that he is out and no one knew. I went out there like nothing happened. It was 4pm when Liam and I opened the presents. Of Zayn and Perrie we got a lot of nappies and baby wipes. From Harry and Jordan we got a whole bunch of toys and more nappies. From Niall and Jackie we got a travel cot. From Louis and El clothes. From Julie a bath tub for babies, from Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne we got more nappies and baby wipes and from Brent we got more toys. ‘’thanks guys’’ Liam and I both said. It was 5pm when Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne, Julie, Jordan and the twins went home. I think Brent knew that I was irritated and he helped me clean up inside. ‘’Zoe what’s wrong. I can tell you were or still are’’ he said. ‘’I’m fine honestly’’ I lied I had to. ‘’Zoe. I may act stupid but I know when something is bothering you so tell me’’ he said. ‘’I can’t. it .it ‘’ I started to trail off I looked outside and Liam was with the boys and they were mucking around in the pool. ‘’it what Zoe. You can tell me. I promise I will not tell anyone’’ Brent said and he keeps his promises. ‘’ok you cannot tell anyone promise?’’ I asked him. ‘’I promise’’ he replied. ‘’ok. When I came out of the bathroom Andrew somehow got in here and pinned me up against the wall holding a knife to the baby. We had some words and then I got him in the balls’’ I said. ‘’why is he out?’’ Brent asked. ‘’good behaviour again. That is what he said but I think he escaped’’ I replied. ‘’oh Zoe’’ he said pulling me into a hug. ‘’are you going to tell Liam?’’ he asked. ‘’no I’m not. I don’t want him finding out’’ I replied. ‘’why he can help you’’ Brent said. ‘’I can’t. I have to protect my own family. Which means Liam, this child, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Jordan, the twins, El, Jackie, Perrie and you’’ I replied. ‘’Zoe I can take care of myself but you should tell him’’ he said. ‘’Brent. If I knew you would try and make a scene I wouldn’t have told you’’ I started to say then I saw Liam coming ‘’so just drop it’’ I said to Brent and he got the shits and left. ‘’what’s wrong with him?’’ Liam asked. ‘’he got a phone call about his mum. Her is in the hospital due to cancer’’ I replied which is true. ‘’oh ok. Is she ok?’’ he replied. ‘’yea he just went to go see her’’ I replied and kissed him on the lips and we went outside to join the others. ‘’so how do you feel?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’I just want him or her to be out already. I’m always tired and my back kills me’’ I replied. ‘’that’s no good’’ El said. ‘’yea but it would be worth it I reckon’’ I said and they all agreed. It was 7pm when everyone left and I feel asleep on the lounge.

Liam's POV:

When Zoe fell asleep I carried her upstairs to bed and then i turned on the TV to the news. ''Breaking news Andrew Buxton has escaped from prision. The Police have no trace of him what so ever. He is very dangerous so just be aware'' the news person said. I was shocked. Could he be coming to get Zoe and kill her or the baby? i don't know but i'm not going to tell Zoe about this at all.

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