Three friends.

One house.

More danger than they’ve ever faced before, more strange things happening to and around them than they ever thought possible.

The deeper they let themselves get entangled in, the more perilous they’re lives become.

And they still have no idea, they still don’t realize that their lives are at stake and this one house will not leave until it has what it wants.


1. Prolouge

Hiding in the Dark 



“If I don’t get my love, no one in this place ever will.”

She wrote on the piece of paper and kept it near her bed. She looked at her white gown. She was wearing a beautiful gown made of the finest cloth in the world, soft and comfortable. But it was worth nothing for her. She threw the pearl necklace from around her neck and the pearls scattered on wooden floor. 

She climbed on the table and put the rope around her neck. A single tear rolled down her cheek. Her rage and pain was endless. 

“My curse will remain here for eternity, until I get my revenge.” She said and pushed the table beneath her feet. She struggled for a while and then her body went limp, hanging from the ceiling.

Even though her body died but her soul was still alive in the place seeking revenge.  





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