The Psychopath

“Its a Filthy Place We live In, Filthy Horrifying Place. But Ill Live. Your All I want. Your All I have, And in the Meantime Ill Just wait for you…Listen to you when you Speak, Cry or Scream. Even if you Want Me to Go Away. Ill be here. Watching you. Until The Last day I see the Light.”

He was Obsessed Maniac. he craved her Love, Lust, Deepest Desire more than Life. All he wanted was her in his arms every night. To Kiss her Sweet Lips. To Have his Love All to Himself. He would do anything to get that. Even if He had to Kill.

The Pain He Caused Taissa was Unreal. It was Horrible. Not only Mentally, but Physically. She didnt know what He was Physically capable of. Or What He was Mentally Capable of. All she Knew is that He was Psychotic, and there was No way out. Not if This Psychopath is Watching her Every Move Making sure She Loves Him Back, And Making Sure She wont leave. Ever.

She didnt know She was Stuck All By herself. With Nobody But a Psychopath.

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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