Nialls girl

When a girl named felicity moves to louden she doesn't know what's in front of her. She runs Into an Irish hottie named niall and they start dating. She dreams of their life being perfect but then she sees him with another girl! What will she do?


2. oh my gosh

She said "what the hey hey are you going here and how did you get in" then he said " you gave me a key remember! And I thought I would come I and make breakfast, I got a whole feast right on the table!" So they both ate and talked about themselves a little more so they can know each other better, after the feast they knew more then half of each others life, even things that shouldn't be coming out of there mouths!;) After breakfast she went to Starbucks to get some hot chocolate and found 2 friends and there names were danille and elonor. They were very nice and had boyfriends that where friends of nialls And so they all went on a triple date for dinner. Dainelles date was Liam Payne and Elonors was louis tonlinson . The boys wanted to try out for the X factor and Liam all ready tried out before, so the next month they tried out as solo artists and they couldn't figure out yet if they made it and they don't think they will cause there are some pretty strict people there. The next week they eat to they went to the X factor place and they figured out what the answer was and it was a....

Yes!!! But they were put into a band and the band was the 3 of them and 2 other boys, Harry styles and zayn Malik they didn't know them and they didn't know each other but they got to while making video diaries. Harry and zayn have girlfriends and harrys is Taylor swift and zayns is perry Edwards from the new band little mix, so the whole band has girlfriends. The next day the boys had to go to the studio and rehearse singing covers of songs, meanwhile all the girls but perry went shopping because she had to rehearse to. First they went to the mall and got some shoes.( you know girls love shoes.) then they went to have pizza for lunch, after that they went shopping for dresses and I mean very very fancy dresses.

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