I should of known...


1. chapter 1

Love, love, love. I could never really figure out the real meaning of this word. Or even if it does exist. My name is Taylor Smith. I'm 19 years old. I have brown hair and golden brown eyes. My past has been like a roller coster and no one really understood me. At the age of 8 my farther died from a heart attack and from that day on my life felt useless. My mother became an alcoholic. She barely had time to spend with me because she was always to busy busy for anything. I was all lonely never had anyone to be with expect for my one friend Hailey. Hailey has blonde hair And green and blue eyes. Hailey has always stuck with me throughout ups and downs. That's what best friends are for, at least what I think. I walked the school hallways feeling depressed like always. I open my locker and grab my books. As I close the door of my locker I bumped into someone behind me. " I'm so sorry!" I looked up and saw Harry Styles. Every girl thinks he is the goddess of our school, I mean I got to admit he is adorable. But he is defiantly not my type. He is very rude to others. He thinks he runs this school but think again. "Watch where your going bitch" Harry says harshly. I just ignored him and walked away like usual. What an ass! He only cares about himself no one else. Harry Styles was also the nightmare of my past. He would bully me just because I wasn't rich like he was. He would also never want to be seen with me or even talk to me but it's his lost. I mean I'm not nerdy and not that popular I'm in between. Which I think is fine. I wouldn't want to be know as the popular bitch or the nerdy smart ass. I known as me.

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