18 year old, Alex is graduating soon and she meets a nice boy named, Niall. They end up falling for each other and he takes her to her Prom, even though she wasn't going before. After graduating, she's ready for moving out and tries to find a new place to call home, but she has always had a problem with living on her own. Will Niall let her live with him and the boys, or will she get over her fears and get her own house? (Sorry for anyone who originally read this!)


1. Meet Alex

Name: Alex May Ryder

Age: 18

Weight: 105 Pounds

Height: 5'6"

Likes: Food, Junk, Movies, Danger, Being Crazy, Anything Boys, Music, Reading, Singing, Dancing, Ranting, Vloging, Hugs, Carrots, Preforming, and Animals

Dislikes: Healthy Food, Pink, Crowds, Being Alone For A Long Time, Girly Things, Shopping, Fighting With Family/Friends, Being Neat, and Seeing People/Animals Hurt.

Birthday: September 19th

Favourite Colour(s): Black, Blue, Dark Purple, Green, and Aqua

Favourite Band(s): One Direction, Skillet, and Green Day

Hair Colour: Redish Orange and Purple Tips

Eye Colour: Sky Blue

If I give personality, then there will be 5 years to finish... But she's a daredevil, she's fearless, she's an amazing singer and dancer, she's friendly most the time, and she'll do anything to find true love.

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