Spade Princess

Alex hasn't seen her brother in years. Her dad was sent to prison when she was younger and her mom died not to long ago. WIthout any family members left Alex now lives in a giant house all alone. But... One night a man breaks into her home and makes her go with him? Where is Alex going?


5. Home sweet Home

When we were finally back I felt so relieved. I actually felt safe here. Right when Ciel saw me he went into a fit looking for where I was hurt, thinking the blood was mine. I quickly explained to him what happened, but then he just went crazy again! 

"Alex! You fought them!? You could have died! That blood on you could have been your own!" He ranted. 

I just chuckled and walked past him towards my room. I seriously need a shower! I smell retched! And... Kinda good...  I quickly walked to my room and locked the door. I stripped down and stepped into the cold shower. I hummed and scrubbed every inch of the blood off. Even though my tiger instincts were telling me to lick it off. When the blood was finally gone I stepped out of the shower and into my room to find some clean clothes. I quickly found a tank top and some black pajama pants and slipped them on. Just when I unlocked the door someone ran into my room and tackled me.

"What the.." I started but was cut off by Natsu's crying.

"Sis! Don't leave! I don't want you to ever leave again!" Natsu cried out.

I sighed. "Don't worry I won't leave again, I promise you that." I promised.

Natsu cheered up and hugged me. I picked him up and carried him out the door. When we got to the kitchen I was bombarded with questions.

"Is it true you killed Tamaki? What are you gonna do now? Are we still gonna throw you a party?" Were some of the questions. I ignored them and walked to the fridge. I got out some chocolate ice cream and two bowls with spoons. I gave Natsu's his bowl of ice cream and set him down, I sat next to him on the couch. 

"Alex!" I heard a familiar voice yell, just as I put a scoop of ice cream in my mouth. I turned to see Joe. I nodded to him.

"It's time to get your official stamp of the group!" Joe said excitedly.

I raised an eyebrow and he grabbed my arm and dragged me, along with my ice cream, out the door.

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