Story Of My Life {Zayn/1D fanfic

Hello. Miracle here. This is my story. I'm sorry if it's a bit out of order but oh well. Read how I met the love of my life.

This is my first fanfic ever on the internet. Hope you like it. Fan me. ��



6. Chapter 5


We'll after we ate we went to Niall's and I thought we would be the only ones there, but we walked in and there were four other guys there. I pretty much knew they were One Direction. I shook hands with them I didn't really need to be introduced they already knew me. After all of that we went to go and sit down on the couch in the living room. I sat in the middle of a couch and Harry and Zayn sat on either side of me. It felt weird. Niall, Liam, and Louis sat on the other couch. It was about four o'clock and Niall was taking me home at five o'clock. So the boys and I were talking and I got a message from Marissa. It read

'Hey Miracle, I'm coming over. Today I was off and decided to go over there and hang with you. I know you don't have anything to do so I'll be over in a few minutes. -Marissa xx'

I decided to reply that I was still at Nando's getting the application and warring dinner. I wrote

'Hey Marissa. I didn't know you were off? And yea I have nothing to do. I was just going to Nando's to pick up an application and have dinner. I'll be home at five o'clock okay? So just wait for me. -Miracle xx'

I clicked send and put my phone back in my pocket. When I looked up I saw all of the boys had there eyes on me. I blushed and put my head down. It was now about four-thirty I was getting pretty tired but the boys were fun to hang with. I have thirty minutes until I leave. Then, Louis broke the awkward silence.

" hey guys wanna play Truth or Dare!" He said. I kind if wanted to play spin the bottle but that would be scary. Five boys, one girl. You never know what would happen. Everyone agreed to play.

"Alright!" Louis says.

Everyone sits on the floor in a circle. I decide to sit between Louis and Niall.

••the order for truth it dare••







Back to the game

Thank goodness Louis picked Zayn.

"Well Zayn, truth or dare?" Lou asks.

"I choose DARE!" Zayn says.

"Alright I dare you to take your shirt off and keep it off for the rest of the game!" Lou says.

Zayn takes off his shirt and tosses it towards me and Niall. I look at his shirt and then look up at him I see him smirking and I smile. I couldn't help it.

"Ok. Niall truth or dare!" Zayn says.

"I choose DARE!" Niall says.

"I dare you to take your pants off for the rest of the game!" Zayn says.

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