tell me a lie

" come back I need you in my life" Harry and calum both say at the same time.


6. to be honest

3 days later

Vanessa p.o.v

Its been three days since the whole harry thing and to be honest its really awkward in the house the guys have been by my side and right now their not talking to harry. Half of me feels bad for him and then the other half of me is still mad at him for hitting me in the jaw. The boys went to go get something to eat so it gave me a chance to go talk to harry. I knocked on his door and it instantly opened up and he looked like a mess. When he saw it was me he had a huge smile plasterd on his face and he motioned me to come in. when  I went in his room and almost everything was either broken or on the floor so I just stood up.

Harry p.o.v

I have been really depressed ever since I got in a fight with Calum and accidently hit Vanessa in the jaw I really felt bad. Ever since then the boys have been ignoring me I wouldn't blame them cause I would do the same thing. I trashed my whole room. I heard the front door close and heard someone coming up the stairs. All of a sudden there was a knock on my door. When I opened the door it was Vanessa I was happy to see her. I motioned her to come in, when she did she just stood there

'' what do you need Vanessa"

" I just came to see how you were doing''

" Well as you can see not to well ''

" I also came to tell you apology accepted''

" really, can I ask you why"

" Well before I got kicked out of my house my mom always said to always give people second chances when they deserve it and I think you do deserve it also I  don't want to get between you and your friendship with the guys ".

"Well thank you so much I promise you that will never happen again''

" ok  well do you want to go catch up with the rest of them to go eat''

'' sure why not"

Calum p.o.v

When we got to nandos I got a text from Vanessa

la bae:Hey babe me and harry are going to nandos can you order for us please

me: sure babe anything for you

I cant believe she forgave harry after all what he had done to her but I cant tell her what she can and cant do so I will just leave it alone. Cause I don't want to lose her. I have to tell the boys that there coming but how.

"Hey guys um.... Vanessa and um..... Harry are coming to nandos in like ten minutes "

'' he's what". Louis said in a mad tone

" Harry and her are coming". I said

" Your not going to do anything about it or tell her or something". said Niall

" Well I can't tell her what she can and can't do with her life i'm her boyfriend not her dad ". I said in a serious tone

" wait since when did you two started going out ". said Luke

'' ever since that thing that happened with harry". I said

" so you been cheating on me for three days I knew I should have listened to my mom has our days we been together not mean anything to you we are over Calum Thomas Hood ". said Luke in a sassy tone. When he was done giving his little speech I saw Vanessa coming to our table with harry right behind her. To be honest I was kind of jealous but why would I be jealous since she is mine and not his so there for I do not need to be jealous. I got up from my chair and when she saw me she ran up to me and jumped into my arms right behind her was harry and he was really mad but I don't care.





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