tell me a lie

" come back I need you in my life" Harry and calum both say at the same time.


1. hi my name is vanessa

hi my name is vanessa I am 17 and I love one direction and 5 seconds of summer ,I have chocolate brown eyes, I have black/brown hair. I was kicked out of my house by the age of 17 I had no where to go when my parents kicked me out no family no nothing. I don't know why they kicked me out they just told me  that they couldn't take care of me. I was never one of those bad girls I was one of those goody tissues type of girl. But when my parents kicked me out I took $300 to go to England cause that's one of the places I really  wanted to go. When I got there I went to go look for a job so I can keep a roof on top of my head and food. I went to multiple bakerys because I love to bake. I was gonna go to the last one and when I went in and I said ''hello are you guys still open''? and a guy that look like he was in his 20 said ''yes love we are still open''. When he looked up and I saw his face. I was thinking omfg its harry fucking styles. He said ''yes I am harry styles''.'' I said that out loud didn't I ''.I was blushing while he was nodding his head up and down. ''so what can I help you with love''. he said and I said ''I was just wondering if you guys were hiring right now and can I get something to eat, i'm starving''? '' anything for you love'' I blushed as bright as a tomatoe. We sat down and started to talk for about an hour but it felt like forever. He asked me for my name and I told him vanessa. He said ''you start tomorrow at 8 with me''. He said and he asked me do I have somewhere to sleep and I told him no while looking down at my feet.'' well you can stay at my place as long as you want until you figure out your next move''.I gave a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and he started to blushed.

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