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16 year old Jamie Fitz has never been one of those girls with a lot of friends... or any friends to be exact. Harry Styles on the other hand is the hottest boy in school. When Jamie finally caves into the horrible comments from "The Perfs", the popular girl group in school, someone shows her there will always be someone there to pick her back up.


1. The Beginning

*Jamies P.O.V* Hi, my name is Jamie Fitz. I am a 16 year old girl with no friends... literally. I have wavy light brown hair with light neon green eyes. I go to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive high school and im a loner, though I wish I wasn't. Now I shall continue with the story. BUZZZZZZZZ I yawn and open my eyes. I turn off my alarm and hop out of bed. I tear off my grey tank and randomly pull on a plain light blue short sleeved shirt. I shrug on some grey skinny Ashley jeans and dart downstairs. After wolfing down a bowl of cherrios, I yank on my purple vans and begin my walk to school. I walk till I arrive at school. People snicker as they pass me and whisper into eachothers ears, as if I am not even there. "Gosh, that baggers got no style she looks like a pig" they both giggle and give me on of the 'are you serious' looks. I blink away tears and shove my way through the halls to my locker. "Hey Jamie! I brought a paper bag to school to carry my lunch but... you may want to borrow it for.. all that" Lila waves her hand in front of my face. I glare at her and silently in my head cuss her out.I grab my books and walk away leaving her laughing and being congratulated by other Perfs, the popular girl group in school. They think they're perfects so they're The Perfs. I storm into my classroom and choose a seat in the back that had no one in it and bury my face in my hands, crying softly. *Harrys P.O.V* "God dam it." I hit my locker again and sigh. Again it's jammed. "What's wrong babe?" I look over to see Lila smiling at me. Gosh, she thinks I am secretly in love with her but... she's just to plain. She never takes a risk, or does anything. "Heyy Liliah." She giggles. "Oh Harry! I love you!" My eyes widen as she pulls me into a hug and her best friends Carly and Katie sigh and look at me happily then strut away. "We are such a great couple!" Lila squeaks then sashays away before I can point out we are not dating. I roll my eyes and start to walk to class as there is a loud ring. I dart toward the classroom getting a stern yelling from a teacher as I knock into her. I keep going and burst in the classroom. "Well hello Mr.Styles. So glad you could join us. Now sit." Mr.Marshall demands. I go to the only open seat next to some sobbing girl. I slide into the seat and stare at her, wondering if I should ask her why she is crying... I clear my throat and tap her on the shoulder. She looks up. Wow her eyes are.. shocking. "Hi, I'm Harry. Harry Styles." She stares into my eyes and sniffles. She quietly whispers "I'm Jamie. Jamie Fitz."
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