the man upstairs

what happens when your role model becomes everything you fear


1. The man upstairs

The man upstairs is the product of all my fears.

During daylight he recedes to the corner of my mind.

 When I'm alone he tugs a cord and pulls to bring tears,

Using words that should not be thought of as kind.


The man upstairs confuses me.

He tries to make my life a black moan.

Around others he leave me be.

The pain really starts when I'm alone.


The man upstairs leaves me no where to go.

He fills my head with an unbearable fright.

My pleas steer away from where I throw,

Oh how I wish someone would turn on a light!


the man upstairs snickers in the mirror

It is only him and I.

He tends on using me as his career

together,we will die.






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