The Sorcerer's Stone: Untold story

What if it wasn't only Ron, Hermione and Harry getting in trouble? What if they actually met 3 odd girls that became friends with them and helped them along the would the story go?


3. Are we really going to jump into trouble?

Here’s chapter 3!!! =D This is going better than I expected, and that’s actually a good thing. Well I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: WE do NOT own Harry Potter

Chapter 3: Are we really going to jump into trouble?


                After the sorting and banquet, appearing out of thin air, the whispering died down replaced with laughter and chatting. The 3 girls, who were now quiet and eating in their respective tables, seemed sad. At this point Harry had given up on making Linalee laugh and at least made her stop looking at the Slytherin and Ravenclaw table. Alexandra had been talking with her seatmates for a while and Jasmine had been playing with her food not bothering to even try talking to hers. Draco slightly smiled in triumph, thinking they had it coming for what had happened at the boat, just as he was about to grab a piece of cake it exploded all over his face. The explosion made fireworks; making a distinctive W in the air. Harry and Ron were the first to laugh, followed by a whole lot of others. Just at the twins had finished laughing Filtch stood right behind them.

“This is a record even for you two, hand them over” He put out his hand motioning to hand the rest of the fireworks.

“As amazing as it may sound” Fred started

“WE are not responsible for this masterpiece, though” George continued.

“It may seem to you that we are” Fred continued for his brother.

“Am I supposed to believe that?” Filtch said venom in every word, though Fred and George seemed unfazed.

“You are free to search us” They both said, clearly having nothing to hide. Filtch buying their act, retreated promising he’d get them expelled this year.

After the Malfoy thing died down, and he stopped talking about how his father would have the head of whoever did that to him.

Harry asked Ron’s oldest brother. “Hey Percy. Who is that sitting next to Professor Quirrell?”

“That’s Professor Snape Head of the Slytherin house” Percy answered continuing his meal.

“What does he teach?” Harry kept asking.

“Potions; but everyone knows he fancies the dark arts position. He has been after Quirrell’s job for years” Percy replied.

Harry gave one last look to Professor Snape before going back to eating; putting aside all the questions he still had in mind. Everything continued normally except for a certain Gryffindor.

“Come on Linalee you were laughing a few minutes ago, you shouldn’t be so sad” Harry tried to cheer her up.

“Yeah… besides I’m sure they miss you, just as much as you do” Ron added smiling with his mouth full of chicken. 

“Yeah you’re probably rig-….is jasmine playing hockey with a piece for bread?” Linalee said in disbelieve. She sighed and looked back. ”Well Alex is still as mis-… she’s laughing?!” She hit her forehead on the table “Am I the only one who’s miserable?”

“You shouldn’t be” Ron replied earning a look from the girl in front of him. Just as he was about to grab another piece of chicken, a head popped out of the tray making Ron drop his chicken leg.

“Hello!!! How are you?” It started “Welcome to Gryffindor!!” He looked like a ghost and that’s exactly what he was, since after him a whole bunch of others appeared too.

“Hello Sir Nicholas, had a nice summer?” Percy asked

“Dismal. Once again the request for me to join the Headless Hunt has been denied” He said feeling indignant. Just as he was about to leave Ron stopped him.

“I know you, you’re Nearly Headless Nick” He said in realization, Linalee looked boredly at the conversation.

“I prefer Sir Nicholas if you don’t mind” He replied.

“Nearly Headless? How can you be Nearly Headless?” Hermione asked curiosity getting the best of her.

“Like this” He pulled his hair and nearly all his head came off, just a bit of flesh made his head remain on his neck. At the sight of this Linalee said cool, Hermione grimaced at the sight and Ron turned white and screamed like a little girl.   Hearing this, the first to laugh were Fred and George and then went Linalee. Every sad thought disappeared and all she could do was laugh till she cried. After Sir Nicholas left, dinner went normally and after they finished they got up and started to follow their respective Prefects to their dorms. On the way out Linalee was walking heading the way Percy went and just before taking a right Linalee felt a hit on her shoulder.

 “Ouch “She said before noticing Alexandra passed by her disappearing in the crowd and leaving in her hands a small black book. She looked at it in question and then heard from afar and Ow!! That was obviously Jasmine receiving her book. She shrugged and kept following Percy and so did the other two with their prefects.

On the way to their dorms they had a lot of “fun”. Staying away from the restricted areas like the head master had asked was going to be very difficult considering the STAIRS FUCKING MOVED!!

“They like to change, so be careful” Seriously Percy, they like to move? Understatement of the year people. Not to mention the pictures moving and talking. The girls gave each other a look before going their separate ways and went to each of their common rooms. Alexandra, Jasmine and Linalee didn’t find their accommodations so great. After the incident of clapping and congratulating a Slytherin they have practically been shunned. Alexandra’s roommates though she was weird and unusual , Jasmine had it worst; the girls had been debating who would share a room with the traitor and Linalee thought it wasn’t that bad to share a room with just one other girl, four beds and just 2 people; her and Hermione Granger.

It was not horrible once she falls asleep otherwise she’d be reading what she thought would be in their first class out loud.  Once she fell asleep, Linalee left the room with her owl who she named Yuki that meant snow in Japanese. She arrived at the common room and opened the window letting Yuki fly freely and then she sat near it. She took a deep breath of the cold night air and then looked at the book Alex had handed her, wondering what it was. Opening it she saw that it was blank, nothing was written on it except in the back that there was a crest and it said “Created and Made by Alexandra McKnight”. Linalee not knowing what to do decided she should just draw something to make it look like hers once she started her drawing disappeared, she looked at it weirdly and then words rose up.

“Insert a drop of blood here” it said in fancy letters and underneath it a square.  Not finding another way she bit her finger hard enough to shed blood and placed it on the square. Just as she was doing that, Jasmine was doing the same unknown to her. Linalee’s name appeared on the book in Sliver fancy letters and Jasmine's appeared in a Silvery Jade color. And passing the page Linalee saw new words appearing.

Alexandra: You guys awake?

Jasmine: Did you get as bad roommates as I did?

Linalee: I got Hermione

Jas & Alex: Ouch

Jasmine: Well, I do have to say there are people much much worse than Hermione. At least she doesn’t look at you like a traitor.

Linalee: That bad? How about you Alex?

Alexandra: They think I’m a weirdo but honestly I don’t give a shit. How are you though? I saw the twins talk to you and then you looked down, what did they tell you?

Linalee: Meh, it doesn’t matter

Jasmine: You guys feeling naughty? I have a few pranks I want to pull on some fucking Slytherins.

Linalee: I’m good; do you think someone knows we were responsible for the explosion? I feel bad for the twins.

 Jasmine: Don’t feel bad, you can tell from miles they enjoyed it.

Linalee: They said Gryffindor’s and Slytherins can’t be friends, how stupid is that?

 Alexandra: WHAT??!! Who, when or where does it say that? They need to be a little open minded, they might not have prejudice for muggles and half-bloods but they have prejudice against the houses a witch or wizard are sorted

Jasmine: Trololololooooo they have to stand this piece of ass muggle born for seven years!

Linalee & Alexandra: Lmao!!

Alexandra: You bitch lol

Linalee: I gotta say I’m surprised Jas is in Slytherin and Alex isn’t 

Alexandra: What is that supposed to mean? What are you trying to say?

Jasmine: Nothing *mumbling* that you are a bitch just as me…*cough*

Linalee: Lol!!! I said nothing!

Alexandra: Why do I feel like you’re omitting something? -.-

Jasmine: *Gets distracted thinking of a greasy head, prepotent, arrogant professor*

Linalee: … Jas… you do know this book writes your thoughts right?.....

 “Linalee?” Harry said getting Linalee’s attention. She looked at him a bit alarmed.

“Harry you scared the daylights out of me” She said writing one last line and then closing the book. Harry sat next to her.

“Couldn’t sleep?” Harry half smiled at Linalee.

“Nope, I’m still a bit mad at the whole you can’t befriend a Slytherin thing.”Linalee answered “It’s kinda stupid and not fair at all” Harry laughed.

“Are you going to stop being her friend?”

“Of course not!” She answered without any hesitation.

“Then it doesn’t matter what they think” Harry finished looking at Hedwig fly with Yuki.

“So what about you?” Linalee asked looking outside.

“Couldn’t sleep just like you”

“I meant why are you acting…is not a sin to show how you feel you know…” She noticed Harry tense up, she was about to speak again when she heard a little bell.

“Did you hear that?” She said looking for the bell

“Hear what?” Harry looked at her weirdly

“The little-“She stopped realizing he couldn’t hear it so that must have been the book. She opened it and found the conversation. Finishing reading she twitched.

“You okay?” Harry asked a bit concerned.

“I’m fine”

“So what’s with the book?”

“It’s a novel…a very insulting novel” Harry laughed feeling comfortable again.

“Answering your question… I guess I’m used to it, growing up with my uncle and my aunt…it has taught me to say and do things to please them or else” Linalee chuckled.

“If I’d done that, my life would’ve been really simple” Before Harry could ask Linalee stood up.

“I’m gonna go to bed you should go too… oh and leave Hedwig fly for a while, Yuki’s still out there so it’s fine” She smiled and left. Harry stood up and was about to leave when Linalee’s call stopped him.

“And Harry…. Thank you” She said smiling, he smiled back at her.

“You’re welcome” And they both went off to bed.

~conversation after Linalee closed it the first time~

Alexandra: I wonder why she left

Jasmine: Maybe she had to flirt with Potter *wiggling her eyebrows*

Alexandra: Oh come on, Lina’s love life is as nonexistent as your sanity

 Jasmine: Meh….but you’re right

Alexandra: I know

Jasmine: By the way why does this thing read my thoughts?

Alexandra: Why were you thinking about the potions guy?

Jasmine: Touché, good night

Alexandra: Running, are we now?

Jasmine: I said Good Night Madam   *end of the conversation*


Transfiguration was the first subject they’d be taking. Linalee and Alexandra decided to behave and be on time for class, Hermione and Linalee being the first there and Alexandra second. The class had gotten more and more crowded and class has even started, yet 3 individuals were missing. Jasmine, being one of the missing 3.

“Where the hell is Jasmine?!” Linalee whispered frantic, copying what was on the board. Alex was about to answer when Harry and Ron burst into the classroom. Hermione looked at them and then shook her head in disapproval.

“Made it! We’re lucky McGonagall isn’t here yet” Ron said relieved and then the last one missing appeared. Jasmine panted trying to catch her breath; her robe was open revealing a very pink pajama.

“I made it!! They should give us a map of this place really” Jasmine claimed and spotted the cat on McGonagall’s desk “Awww a kitty” And she started petting it and singing something about Soft kitty warm kitty. Alexandra and Linalee looked horrified; Ron and Harry were just staring.  The cat slapped Jasmine’s hand away and walked to the other side of the desk. “Awww the kitty’s cranky” She continued in a whiny voice, the cat jumped off and it transformed, you guessed it, into McGonagall.

“AHHH!! EL DIABLO!!” She made a cross with her fingers “Cruz, Cruz que se te vaya el Diablo y se te meta el Jesus!” Alexandra who understood tried to hold her laughter and Linalee who looked lost asked what she said. Once Alex told her she was holding her laugh too. Ron and Harry stared in amazement.

“That was bloody brilliant!” Ron said in awe.

“Thank you for that assessment Mr. Weasley” McGonagall said her face as serious as ever. “Perhaps I should use transfiguration and turn one of you in to a pocket watch maybe then at least one of you makes it on time” She said looking at all three but stopped and looked at Jasmine who noticed and quickly closed her robe “one earlier than the others” She looked at Jasmine in disapproval.

“We actually got lost” Harry defended.

“Yeah me too…Professor” Jasmine said defending herself as well.

“Then maybe a map instead? I trust you don’t need one to find your sits” she headed back to her desk and the three quickly seated them self’s. A bit relieved they didn’t get a punishment for being late.

 ~Potions class~

Everyone was chatting away since the Professor was not there. They were divided in pairs and our group had been sitting in this order: Harry with Hermione, Alexandra with Ron, and Jasmine with Linalee.  They had been scanning the book, and just as they were about to discuss how complicated the Awakening potion looked when the door slammed open and Professor Snape sat on his desk and started his lecture.

“There will be no foolish wand waving or silly incantations in this class” He looked over to all of them “As such I don’t expect any of you to appreciate the subtle science or exact art that is potion making” Jasmine paid attention weird enough in Linalee’s eyes “However for those select few that possess the predisposition I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses….I can tell you how to bottle fame…brew glory and even put a stopper to death…” he looked around once again “Then again maybe some of you have come to Hogwarts in position of abilities so formidable that feel confident enough to NOT pay attention” Hermione nudged Harry and motion him to listen and stop taking notes. Harry a bit scared stopped and looked at the Professor. The girls and Ron not able to do anything just stared at the scene. Snape walked in front of Harry and looked at him.

“Mr. Potter…our new celebrity” Ron glanced at Harry who seemed more scared than before “Tell me what would I get if I added a root of asphodel to an infusion or wormwood?” Hermione raised her hand eagerly knowing the answer to the question Harry had been asked. Harry looked at her and then to the front. Harry just shook his head no.

 “You don’t know? Well let’s try again, Where Mr. Potter would you look if I asked you to find me a bezoar?” Hermione once again eagerly raised her hand.

“I don’t know sir” he looked at his paper a bit crest fallen.

“And what is the difference between monkshood and wolfs bane?  ”Once again Hermione did the same. The girls and Ron just looked at the Professor angered at his behavior; he didn’t know how Harry had lived why was he doing this to him?

“… I don’t know sir” He said again even more crest fallen than before.

“Pity” He was about to continue but someone answered his question.

“That’s a trick question …sir” Jasmine started Linalee looked at her with a face of what are you doing?!! But she ignored it.

“Why is that?” Snape asked challenging her to answer.

“Because Monkswood and Wolfsbane is the same plant and with all due respect not everybody knows that” Jasmine concluded.

“Well done, though I believe I never asked you to answer my question Ms….”

“Rivera” She looked down

“It’s a pity one of my house has sided with a Gryffindor. No matter” he looked again at Harry and continued “We’ve learned that clearly… Fame isn’t everything… is it Mr. Potter?” Harry just stared, a bit resentful and silent. The class went on quietly, relieved when they got out of that class. They walked to the Great Hall to have a snack, talk and to take a breather from the classes.

“Thanks for standing up to me Jas, though you got in trouble for it” Harry said apologetically

“It’s fine, he wasn’t going to take point from his own house was he” She said a bit sourly

“Eye of rabbit, harp string hum, turn this water into rum” They hear Seamus say over and over again.

“Is he really trying that out?” Linalee asked to no one in particular.

“Has he turned the water into rum at some point?” Alexandra asked.

“No, though he actually managed to make some weak tea yesterday, before- BOOM!!” They looked at where the sound had come from and Seamus had his face black. The water he tried to turn into rum had exploded. Everyone laughed and Hermione waved her hand in front of her face to clear the smoke that was near her. Suddenly a hoot was heard and a lot after that.

“Mail’s here” Ron said and then the Great Hall was flooded with owls bringing and dropping the mail to its owner. Jasmine wasn’t expecting anything so she kept doing what she was working on. Linalee got a letter from her guardians that she just threw in her bag, not bothering to read it. Alexandra got a little box from her mother. Ron received a letter and the newspaper. He threw the newspaper to the side and started opening the later. Knowing he wouldn’t get anything; Harry asked Ron if he could borrow his newspaper. Ron shrugged and continued opening his letter. Not too far from them was Neville Longbottom who received a small box. Once he opened it there was a crystal ball with a golden division in the middle, he looked at it curiosity clear on his face.

“Hey look, Neville got a rememberall “Dean Thomas said getting the attention of the young group beside them.

“I’ve read about those” Hermione said making Alexandra roll her eyes “The smoke inside turns red when you’ve forgotten something” she concluded.

“The problem is” He looked at the red smoke filled ball “I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten” A few laughed.

“I’m sure it’ll come to you” Linalee smiled at him making him look down his ears red.

“It would be better if it would tell you what you forgot though, right Neville” Alex said smiling as well, Neville not use to girl attention nodded nervously.

 “Aww isn’t he cute?” Jasmine said mortifying the boy even further and they laughed. Harry who was still reading the newspaper called out to his friends.

“Hey, someone broke into Gringotts” the 4 girls and Ron looked at him “Listen. Believed to be the work of a unknown dark witch or wizard , Gringotts goblins acknowledge the breach but insist that nothing was taken. The vault in question, number 713, had been emptied earlier the same day… That’s odd” Harry said

“Why?” Alexandra asked

“That’s the vault Hagrid and I went to” After those words left Harry’s lips everyone who heard became curious… What was in that vault? Linalee shook it off and looked at her time table to see what class was next and her eyes literally shined, she stood up excited.

“WE HAVE FLYING LESSONS NEXT!!! I can’t wait to get on the broom, I love flying so much!!” Once she noticed the eyes looking at her and laughing she turned red and sat down. Harry laughed a bit and smiled at her.

“Well you seem excited” He stated

“You should’ve seen how she got when we passed through the Quidditch shop in Diagon Alley” Alexandra said shaking her head.

“It was difficult to get her off the window, she really likes it” Jasmine continued.

“Then our next class will be enjoyable for you” Ron said a bit insecure.

“Who knows” One of the twins started.

“Maybe you’ll get in the team before Ronnie here” The other continued. Ron glared at them.

“I wouldn’t take what they say to heart, I’ve learned that over the years” Ron said getting up to go to their class. The embarrassed Linalee stood up grabbing her things to catch up with her friends when the twins stopped her.

“Hey, we’re sorry for what we said about the Slytherins and Gryffindor’s” George started

“And good luck on your flying lesson, I hope you don’t break a leg” Fred said in a joking matter. Linalee smiled.

“Thanks” And she ran off to her friends

The groups of students were on a clear field, one of the many on Hogwarts, with a broom in front of each of them. The Professor for this class was Madam Hooch; she had been putting her gloves on while she walked in the middle of the students. Alexandra, Jasmine and Linalee had been taken by her silver hair and cat like eyes.

“Good afternoon class” She started.

“Good afternoon Madam Hooch” The class said, she greeted another student named Amanda and stopped to look at the class. 

“Welcome to your first flying lesson” she smiled “Well what are you waiting for, everyone step on the left side of for your broomstick… Come on hurry up…Put you right hand over it and say up” And the class did as told  and a series of up’s where heard. On their first try succeeded Harry, Jasmine, Alexandra, Draco and Linalee.

“Say it with feeling!” Madam Hooch instructed. Ron started commanding it to come up so harshly that at the last up, he said frustrated, the broom hit him in the face, a few who saw him laughed.

“Shut up Harry” he said looking at his broom and said up and finally it obeyed. After every one had their broom in their hand Madam Hooch proceeded.

  “Now once you have a hold of your broom, I want you to mount it and grip it tight, I don’t want you sliding down the end” And everyone did as told “When I blow my whistle, I want you to kick off from the grown, hard. Keep your broom steady, hover, for a moment….Then lean forward slightly and touch back the ground” everyone nodded. “On my whistle; three, two…” She blew the whistle and before anyone did anything Neville flew upwards. He looked very scared.

“Mr. Longbottom” Everyone started asking him what he was doing. Come down, Neville got even more scared than he already was. His broom just got higher and higher every second. “Mr. Longbottom, down! Down!” and his broom went off ignoring Madam Hooch’s commands.

“Neville!!” Harry screamed.

“Isn’t the professor going to do anything?” Linalee said a bit frantic.

“It doesn’t look like she’s going to move” Alexandra answered.

“Come back down this instant!!” She said a bit angered at this point.

“It’s our first flying lesson he doesn’t know how!” Jasmine said exasperated to the girls, Harry and Ron. The broom seemed to want Neville off of her and started shaking sideways, up and down, in circles it even started to bump harshly against the walls. It kept flying faster and faster until it passed way to close to a roof statue holding a spear and Neville’s cape got caught on it. Everybody rushed to look at him

“Help!” Neville screamed and his cape started to rip and once he looked up he started to fall of the tall wall. Neville waited for the pain but it never came. Being fast on their feet Linalee and Alexandra caught him by his cape.

“Great job girls! That was a close one” Said Madam Hooch. Somehow she jinxed it, Neville slipped through his robe and almost got caught by Jasmine ridding her broom but couldn’t balance it well and both fell on the ground.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Esto me pasa por guillarme a Maria Teresa!” Standing up rubbing her butt and then she heard a whimper. “Neville did you get hurt?” Jasmine asked but he didn’t listen it was like he wasn’t there. Everyone rushed to where he and Jasmine were.

“Everyone out of the way!!” Madam Hooch ran to Neville’s side.

“Great, now she moves” Ron muttered under his breath. Once by his side Madam Hooch inspected him.

“Oh oh oh oh dear a broken wrist…poor boy, well with that fall if could’ve been worst if they didn’t act quickly, come on up you get” Madam Hooch helped him get up.

 “Are you fine child?” asking Jasmine.

“I’m fine, my butt hurts but that’s not important” Jasmine said waving it off, while Malfoy found Neville’s rememberall on the ground.

“ Everyone is to keep their feet firmly on the ground, understand?” everyone nodded “If I see a single broom in the air the one riding will find himself out of Hogwarts  faster than you can say Quidditch”   she said finally leaving. When she was finally out of sight Draco Malfoy spoke up as the girls got down.

“Did you see his face?” And he imitated it. Making the other Slytherins (apart from Jasmine) laugh. Hermione glared at him.

“Maybe if he’d give this a squeeze he would of remember to fall on his fat arse” and they laughed again. The girls were about to do something but Harry beat them to it.

“Give it here Malfoy” he said while glaring at Draco’s back.

“No” He turned around annoyed “I’ll leave it somewhere Longbottom can find it” he said flying away “How bout on the roof” he continued as he flied higher “What’s the matter Potter? a bit beyond your reach?” He said playing with the rememberall. Harry got mad and started to mount his broom before he could take off Hermione stopped him.

“Harry no way! You heard what Madam Hooch said, besides you don’t even know how to fly” and Harry ignoring her took off “What. An. Idiot.” The girls smiled at his courage.

“Give it here Malfoy or I’ll knock you off your broom”

“Is that so?” He flew near Malfoy and tried to catch it but clearly Malfoy had used a broom before and he’d been skilled in dodging his attempt.

“Give it back!!” Malfoy smirked.

“Have it your way then” And he threw the rememberall away as far as he could. Harry without wasting time flew after it almost smashing to a wall but avoiding it gracefully he caught it and smiled at his achievement; amazed. Unknown to him, a Professor had spotted him.  He started descending showing everyone the rememberall on his hands and everyone cheered. Once he landed everyone started saying how awesome what he had done had been and suddenly it all crashed down.

“Harry Potter!!” They turn to find Professor McGonagall “Come with me”

“But it wasn’t his-“Linalee started

“I don’t need to hear it Miss Corvinous”

“But it really wasn’t-“

“That’s enough Mr. Weasley” McGonagall motioned Harry to go with her and sadly Harry looked at his friends and gave the broom to Ron to follow McGonagall thinking that this would be his last day on this wonderful magical world. Draco and his friends laughed knowing he’d get expelled.

While walking behind McGonagall Harry thought about the wonderful things he had found out, that he’d accomplished, the friends he had made and all he was yet to learn. He can’t be expelled!! He didn’t want to go back being the Dursley’s servant. He took a deep breath and was about to say something when he noticed they weren’t heading for the director’s office, they were in front of the dark arts classroom the class he had next.

“Wait here” As Harry waited his friends arrived from their previous class.

“What are you doing here? I thought they’d kick you out?” Ron said.

“I don’t know, the Professor told me to wait here” Harry said when McGonagall appeared with a fair looking young man.  The group excused themselves and went to their classroom. McGonagall was going to speak when they heard Jasmine screaming from the classroom “SO that’s where my iguana left! Come here beautiful!!” Harry couldn’t help but snicker he was going to miss this place.

“Potter, this is Oliver Wood.” Harry looked at her in question “Wood I have found you a seeker” Harry was beyond confused at this point. What the heck was a seeker?

~ At the Great Hall~

“Seeker?!” They whispered together, at this point no one cared about the three girls sitting where ever they wanted.

“But first years never make it to teams” Ron said

“You’d be the youngest seeker in-” Linalee started

“A century, I know Wood told me” Harry said excitingly eating his dinner.

“Well done Harry, Wood just told us” Fred said appearing out of nowhere.

“We’re in the team too, we’re beaters” George continued. “Our job is that you don’t get bloodied up too bad”

“We can’t make any promises though” Fred said

“Yeah rough game Quidditch” George he said but to reassure him “No one has died in years though”

“Someone vanishes occasionally”

“But they’ll turn up in a month or two” and with that both left the great hall.

“Don’t listen to them, their trying to scare you” Linalee said

“Its working” Harry said

“Oh go on Harry, Quidditch its great!!” Ron said

“Great? It’s the best game EVER” Linalee said getting exited

“Here we go” Alexandra said making Linalee glared at her.

“I’m sure you’ll be great too” Ron said

“But I’ve never even played the game. What if I make a fool of myself?” Harry said

“Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be fine” Jasmine said reassuring him.

“McGonagall told me my dad would be proud, that he was an excellent Quidditch player” Harry said a bit proudly “I just don’t want to let him down”

“You won’t” Alexandra reassured him. Hermione appeared at their part of the table panting a little.

“Harry Whatever you do don’t-“Before she could finish. Draco appeared and interrupted her.

“Eating your last dinner Potter?” he said a smirk in place

“You seem pretty confident now that you have your feet’s on the ground and with your goons” Harry defended

“I could take you anytime anywhere” He said and smirked “In fact why not tonight? A wizard duel, well if you even know what that is” He mocked.

“Of course he knows I’m his second who’s yours” the girls looked at Ron as if he were crazy.

 “Crabbe” He said after studying the two “Tonight at midnight in the trophy room that’s never locked” He said with one last cocky smirked and left. Once they were gone.

“I’m not one to meddle” Hermione started.

“But you’ll do it anyway” Ron said annoyed. Hermione rolled her eyes.

“One of you could get hurt, and also think of the points that would be taken from Gryffindor if they caught you two.

“Strangely she has sort of a point” Jasmine said

“You could get hurt Harry and Malfoy ain’t worth the effort” Linalee reasoned.

“Harry hasn’t said he wanted to” Alexandra said and they all looked at him waiting for him to say something.

“I don’t know what it is and Ron what the heck is a second” Harry said a bit frustrated.

“Oh it’s the one that takes care of things if the other one dies” He said as if it were nothing receiving disbelieving looks from the others. “It’s nothing important, neither know much magic so the worst they can do is throw sparks at each other”

“What if nothing comes out of my wand?” Harry asked

“You throw the wand at him and give him a punch in the face” He shrugged everyone sweat dropped. “So you’d do it?”

“I guess I already accepted” Harry said

“If that’s your decision” Alexandra said leaving the table “midnight it is”

“We’ll help then” Linalee said not really okay with it.

“You can’t do this! Think of the-“They stood up to leave

“This isn’t your business” Harry said


“Good Bye!” Ron said and they all left leaving Hermione behind.

Until it was time Ron had been helping Harry with some spells. Of course Harry lost a bit of confidence when Ron said “If he tries to curse you run away, I really don’t remember how to ward off those”. When the clock hit 11:30 they decided to get moving and get to the meeting place they were almost out of the Gryffindor common room when a voice stopped them.

“Harry I can’t believe you’re going to do this” Hermione a small light making her known

“Guys, Hermione isn’t in the room” Linalee said

“Really?” Harry and Ron said sarcastically 

“You can’t do this, I almost told your brother Ron he could’ve stopped you” Harry upon hearing these words glared at Hermione.

“Let’s go” Harry said to Linalee and Ron who complied leaving right behind him out of the common room. Hermione being hard headed was not going to give up so she followed.

“Arggg!!! What do you want Granger?” Ron said exasperated.

“I’m going with you, if you’re not going to listen at least I’ll make sure you don’t get caught” She said cleverly.

“Are you sure you’re not just using us as an excuse to know what breaking the rules feels like?” Linalee asked curious though Harry and Ron looked at the bushy haired girl for the answer.

“That’s absurd! Now let’s go and get this over with” and left to lead the way, the other three just shrugged. On their way they didn’t find any trouble though Ron almost died from a heart attack when Jasmine and Alexandra showed up. They headed for the trophy room and once there they waited.

“Why isn’t he here yet?” Jasmine said

“Maybe he chickened out?” Linalee and Alexandra said at the same time

“Who knows” Harry said a bit sleepily. Then they heard a noise, everyone was on their feet with their wands out, they looked pretty funny since all of them had their pj’s on.

“Sniff my precious, they must be hiding here” It was Filtch with Miss Norris.

“Oh shit lets go” Alex said in a whisper everyone went quietly until BAM!! A few cups had fallen, because a certain blonde had tripped with them.

“Run!!”Harry whispered, they started running and got away from Filtch or so they thought. They did a left turn and came across the last thing they wanted to….Peeves. He screamed in joy.

“Shhhh Peeves you’re gonna get us caught!” Ron whispered.

“Bad, bad freshmen sneaking around at night you’ll get your self’s grabbed by the neck” He giggled.

“Not if you don’t tell on us Peeves” Alexandra said.

“Please?” Linalee and Hermione said at the same time.

  “I must tell Filtch” He said “It’s for your own good you know that”

“Get out of the way” Ron said frustrated and hit him….big mistake.

“STUDENTS OUT OF BED STUDENTS OUT OF BED!!” He screamed “STUDENTS OUT OF BED IN THE HALL OF ENCHANTMENTS!!” They ran under him and kept running for their life’s, they got to the stairs and just went up and down a few and went into the first door they found to only find another door that was lock.

“This is it! Where going to die! We’re getting expelled” Ron said freaking out.

“Oh move over” sad Hermione pushing Ron off “Alohomora” she waved her wand and the door opened. They rushed inside and closed it. When they heard Filtch going in asking Peeves where the students he saw were they even held their breaths.

“Where are they Peeves I don’t have all night” Filtch said sourly.

“You have to say please” Peeves said all giddy.

“Don’t bother me and tell me where they went” Getting pissed off by this point. Peeves said with an annoying voice.

“If you say please I’ll say something” 

He said again annoying Filtch even more.

“FINE!! Please”

“SOMETHING!!” and he burst out laughing “Get it!! If you say please I’ll say something!!” and kept laughing. Filtch furious left and Peeves went right behind him. The teens on the other side of the door sighed in relieve. Jasmine and Linalee though had been pulling Alexandra and Harry’s sleeve for a while now.

“Would you stop that?” Alexandra said annoyed

“I wonder why this door was locked”

“G-guys I know why” Linalee said in a trembling voice. The other teens turned only to meet 3 pair of eyes looking straight at them. A 3 headed dog as huge as a troll had just woken up from its slumber and the first thing they did was growl at the teens who were desperately trying to open the door, it started barking and  launching at them when they opened the door, got out and closed it just in time.

“Does anybody feel like we shouldn’t be here?” Linalee said trying to catch her breath.

“What the hell!!” Jasmine said.

 “We weren’t supposed to be here, this is the 3rd floor” Hermione said

“I knew we’d had a hard time avoiding this place…we didn’t even do it intentionally” Alexandra said

“We should go back to our rooms” Harry said and everyone agreed. They went to their separate houses and said their good night, going up the Gryffindor common room, Ron was just too freaked out.   

“Why do they keep such a dangerous thing in school, are they mad?” 

“It was guarding something” Hermione said

“Didn’t you look at its feet” Linalee said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“Its feet? I’m sorry; I was too preoccupied with its heads!!! They were THREE I don’t know if you noticed!!!”

“Shut up” Linalee told him.

“It was standing on a trap door so it wasn’t there by accident” standing in front of the girls and boys dorms.

“DO you think its guarding something?” Linalee asked to no one in particular.

“Guarding something?” Harry thought about it.

“Now if you excuse me, I’ll be going to bed before you three come up with another idea to get us killed or worst! Expelled” and she turned and left to her room.

“She needs to sort out her priorities” Ron said heading for his dorm.

 “You’re telling me” Linalee said heading for her room after saying goodnight, Harry smiled at her and went to his dorm as well.

~Next morning~

“Quidditch is actually a very easy game” Wood started “First I’ll explain a bit of what Quidditch is all about. This is the quaffle ” He threw it at Harry “ There are three chasers their job is to throw that ball” He pointed to the three hoops on the field “ on those hoops the keeper, That’s me” He smiled “ Protects the hoops” Just as he finished there was a sound coming from the box.

“What are those?” Harry asked.

“This are bludgers, here” He gave him a sort of short bat “The 2 beaters have to deal with this” He explained as he set it free the balls making weird noises and finally flying up. “Here it comes” Wood warned.

Harry got into position and as soon as it was near he hit it as hard as he could, the bludger going through the hole on one of the statues of the castle.

“Hmph not bad, you’d make a fair beater” Wood complemented. “Uh oh” Wood prepared himself and caught the bludger to his chest

“That had to hurt!” Jasmine said a bit in pain.

“I felt it and it didn’t hit me” Linalee said too feeling their imaginary pain.

“Pff that didn’t hurt” Alexandra said as if it were nothing. Once Wood was finished putting the bludger away he said.

“So you must be the rule breakers”

“Uh?” the three girls said

“I’ve never broken a rule in my life” Alexandra said a bit offended

“Umm you are…” Linalee started.

“Wood, Oliver wood, and I meant about being friends even though you’re in different houses”

“Well you can’t blame us, we were friends before we got here” Linalee answered “It doesn’t matter to me if it’s different here friends are friends”

“Spoken like a Gryffindor” Wood smiled at her and she blushed, Alexandra snickered. Another three appeared in the pitch and Wood instantly frowns.

 “I see word got out that I’m training you, so let’s make this quick shall we?”

“In the game, what am I supposed to do?” Harry asked genuinely clueless.

“Well you’re the seeker, you only have to worry about this” He got out a small golden ball, Harry smiled.

“I like that one”

“You like it now” Linalee said

“You can barely see that thing while you’re playing” Jasmine continued.

“They’re right” Just as those words left Woods mouth the snitch went flying. “And I am horrible at spotting it.”

“What are you talking about its right there” Linalee looked at Wood who looked at the stands and then at the 3 girls next to Harry. “How much experience do you have in flying?” He asked.

“Fair I guess” Alexandra said.

“Second time” Linalee and Jasmine said.

“You know so much about Quidditch and yet this would be your second time?” Wood said a bit surprised. The two girls nodded. “Okay then tell you what, in purpose to train Harry of course you will be in a race to catch the snitch, right there on the stands are the captains of your houses and Linalee I’ll talk it out with McGonagall to let you have permission to be on the team, since I heard you are dying to fly” Linalee looked at him questioning him “I have my ways, so is it a deal?”

The girls thought about it for a moment.

“Deal!” they said in unison.

“Okay then” passing them each a broom. “On your marks, get set...” And they all got on their brooms “GO!!” As soon as their feet left the ground, the captains looked at them in expectation and were more than impressed by the freshman’s abilities. After an hour in a half (that was record time) Harry manages to catch the snitch before Alex and Linalee could and dodging Jasmine who came up right from under him. Once they landed the Slytherin captain was the first to approach Jasmine.

“My team positions are already full but I am sure I can make a space for you” He said as if kicking a teammate out was nothing. 

“I don’t know how I feel about replacing someone that’s been here longer” She said a bit guilty about it

“We can excuse you from any class specially the ones you hate” He shrugged.

“Then again I can be happy at other peoples pain, I’m in!” she finally said. Alexandra and Linalee shook their head and sweat dropped at their friend.

“Hi, Alexandra right?” the raven claw captain Asked.

“I know you are missing a beater and yes I’m interested” Alexandra said going straight to the point fixing her glasses.

“Then that saves me the trouble to convince you welcome aboard” He smiled.

Linalee walked up to Wood and smiled.

“I know I’m not the greatest at flying right now but I’ll get better with practice” She said a bit hopeful.

“Linalee, if you were any better than now you’d be taking my place” Wood whispered to her. She blushed.

“Really? I did well?” Linalee said a bit doubtful.

“You did more than that, I haven’t seen that kind of flying ever you have such ease, it’s like you were born on a broom. I’ll talk to McGonagall I know she’ll be thrilled. In fact I’ll go right now excuse me” Wood left with one last smile.

“Linalee you’re going to be on the Quidditch team with me!” Harry said excited by what he heard.

“I made it in?” Linalee said not believing it yet

“You did” Harry smiled and hugged her and she started giggling and jumping in excitement.

After that the day went by in a blur, and so did the weeks. Soon enough it was Halloween. Flitwicks class was the most interesting to them. The freshmen were learning how to wave their wand it had been like that for the past week. Now today they were going to actually levitate a feather.

“One of the wizards fundamental skills are to levitate things, to make objects fly, now does everyone have their feathers?” Hermione lifted up hers eagerly showing the professor she did “ ok good, now don’t forget the nice wrist movement we’ve been practicing” he said his voice patient and kind “Swish and flick every one” motioning them to join him practicing. Everyone repeated this with the professor.

“Why are we doing this we’ve done this spell a thousand time already” Linalee whispered to Alexandra and Jasmine.

“Shhh the professor’s talking” Alexandra said paying attention.

“Argh” Linalee buried her face on her arms bored with the lesson.

“We can mess up people spells” Jasmine said and Linalee was back up and looking for a victim, of course no one would know it was them.

“Annunciate Wingardium Leviosa, no go on try” Everyone started trying to do the spell.

“What are we gonna do they’re horrible on their own” Linalee whispered to Jasmine

“Let’s just watch and see what happens” Jasmine said and they looked to the seats in front of them. Ron was just about to perform his spell, he cleared his throat and waved his wand.

“Wingardium leviosar” And started moving the wand aggressively.

“Stop, stop, stop, you’re going to poke someone’s eye out, besides you’re saying it wrong its Leviosa not Leviosar” She corrected him.

“You do it then if you’re so clever, come on, go on” Ron said agitated. Hermione kept her nose held high like she was accustom to do and stated the spell.

“Wingardium Leviosa” And the feather started floating in the air and going up.

“Oh!!” the professor clapped”You got it too miss granger” she smiled and looked at who else had got it and saw Linalee, Jasmine and Alexandra having a feather fight. Seamus not wanting to be left behind started trying to do the spell, repeating over and over again Wingardium Leviosa Wingardium Leviosa and the feather exploded. Everyone looked at where the explosion came from and saw Harry with a black smudge on his cheek and Seamus all over his face.

“Professor…I think we need another feather” Harry said and the others started laughing. After the class Harry, Ron and Seamus walked together, the 4 girls’ right behind them.

“It’s Leviosa not Leviosar, she’s a nightmare no wonder she doesn’t have any friends” Ron kept rambling. Hermione hearing this felt hurt and walked ahead faster. Ron noticing her behavior asked.

“Do you think she heard me?”

“She heard you” The other three girls said in unison a bit mad.

“At least she’s studies you don’t have to be a jerk about it” Linalee said in defense.

“You tell me you don’t get annoyed by miss know it all” Ron said

“You tell me, wasn’t she helping you in her own way?” Jasmine said before going the other way with Linalee.

“Dumbass” Alexandra said leaving a guilty Ron and a thoughtful Harry. The day passed by quickly and no one saw Hermione all day. At dinner the group sat on their respective tables. Linalee looked around to see if she spotted Hermione but she didn’t.

“Harry have you seen Hermione?” Linalee asked a bit worried.

“I haven’t” Harry said also worried

“Oh come on I didn’t-“Ron’s words got cut short by Linalee’s glare.

“That’s smooth Ronnie” Fred started

“You make friends with girls and you insult them” George continued to tease

“It’s hard to enjoy my favorite holiday when you're jerk” Linalee said taking a bite of her chocolate cake sighing.

“Y-you’re worried about Her-Hermione right?” Neville asked Linalee, who looked at him and nodded. “P-parvati said she wouldn’t come out of the bathroom, Sh-she said she’s be-been in there all afternoon crying” He finished, Linalee smiled sadly.

“Thanks Neville” She smiled sweetly and then glared at Ron “That’s your fault“

“How is it my fault, she’s a nightmare?”

“I would sleep with an eye open if I were you” She said and kept eating. Before the twins could say anything the doors to the great hall opened and professor Quirrel came in screaming.

“TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!!! THERE’S A TROLL IN THE DUNGEON” He stopped running mid-way “I just thought you should know” and he fainted. There was silence and then everyone started screaming. Over the screams you could hear Jasmine going Trolololololololololololo! Linalee laughed but not hearing Alexandra’s laugh between the screams she worried.

“Silence!!!!!” Dumbledore said. And everyone stopped running and screaming Linalee took this to signal Jasmine, Alexandra was not there. “Everyone will please not panic. Now, prefects please get your houses to their dormitories, professors come with me to the dungeon” And then the prefects were calling their students to follow them. As soon as they found it Linalee slipped out of her house and pulled Jasmine with her.

“We have to find Alex, she’s around here somewhere and there’s a troll on the loose!!” Linalee said a bit frantic.

“Calm down, I’m sure she’s fine. She’s a great witch” Jasmine said

“ You’re right” She sighed “ I mean as long as she has her wand with her it will always be fine” At that jasmine’s eyes went as wide as saucers  and she took a wand out of her robe, Linalee looked at it.



“What’s that?”

“Alexandra’s wand”

“I see”


“We’re dead”

“Let’s go find her before this gets worst” Jasmine said running off with Linalee.

Harry was walking to his dormitory following Percy.

“How did a troll get in the castle?” He asked Ron.

“I don’t know, but trolls are really stupid probably people playing jokes” Suddenly Harry grabbed Ron by the shoulder.

“What is it?” Ron said

“Hermione, she doesn’t know!” And then they both went running to the girls bathroom. On their way to the bathroom they heard a noise and saw a huge shadow.

“T-the tr-troll” Ron muttered and they both got pulled.

“Shhhh” Jasmine said.

“What are you doing here?” Harry asked.

“Alex is in there with Hermione” Linalee replied.

“I guess the troll is not in the dungeon anymore.” Jasmine said while the four of them watch the troll go inside the girl’s bathroom.

~girls bathroom~

“Hermione just ignore Ron he’s a dumbass” Alexandra said “he didn’t mean it he was just annoyed”

“W-Why?” She said in between sobs “I was just trying to help”

“Guys just think they know everything and when a girls smarter than them come along they get annoyed” Alexandra said “If you take it down a notch I think everything will be fine….and if you’re worried about making friends…I-I’ll be your friend” She said looking elsewhere and Hermione finally opened the door

“Really?” Hermione said sniffling

“Yeah, besides isn’t Linalee your roommate? If I know her enough I know she thinks of you as a friend” Alexandra reassured her

“Thanks Ale-“and her eyes went as big as saucers and she pointed to Alexandra’s back.

“What?”  Alexandra looked behind her. ”Oh shit” they ran inside the cubicle.

“Do you have your wand?” Alexandra asked Hermione desperately looking for hers.

“No I left it in my dorm” Hermione said scared at the situation. Suddenly Hermione pulled Alexandra down. And the troll took a swing with his bat like cub and destroyed the top part of every cubicle. The two started screaming hoping someone would hear them and if it were an answer to their hopes Harry, Ron, Linalee and Jasmine appeared.

“Girls move!!!” And as soon as those words left Harry’s lips they started crawling out of the cubicle and under the sinks. The troll hit one of the sinks destroying that one as well. The other 4 started throwing pieces of wood from the earlier destroyed cubicles and calling it names.

“Hey pee brain!!”Ron screamed to the troll finally getting his attention. Alexandra noticed Jasmine holding her wand and glared at her.

“I’m gonna kill you!!” Alexandra said. And the troll destroyed another sink it was going to destroy another one when Harry grabbed on to the club and managed to climb to its head. The troll feeling the new weight on his shoulders started to shake him off in the process Harry got his wand stuck on the trolls’ nose.

“Ewww” they all said in unison. The troll finally grabbed one of his legs and he hanged him upside down.

“DO SOMETHING!!!” Harry said while dodging one of the swings the troll gave with his club.

“What do you want us to do?” Jasmine said looking with the other for something they could do.

“ANYTHING!!! JUST DO IT QUICKLY!!!” Harry hurried him dodging the cub, once again.

“Ron your Wand!!” Alexandra said. Ron took out his wand.

“Swish and flick” Hermione and Alexandra choired.

“Wingardium Leviosa” And snatched the club from the trolls hand. “Cool” He smiled. The troll looked confused at his hand and then at the floating club. And Ron let it dropped. The Troll dropped Harry and Linalee and Jasmine pulled him out of the way before the troll fell to the floor unconscious. Every one of them let out a sigh they did not know they were holding.

“Is it dead” Hermione asked.

“No just unconscious” Linalee replied.

“That was a close one” Harry said and the other nodded their heads.

“Tell me about it” Alexandra said snatching her wand from Jasmine’s hands. Harry retrieved his wand from the troll nose in disgust and cleaning the buggers of it with his cape.

“What is the meaning of this?!” McGonagall’s voice boomed inside the bathroom all of them stiffen and turned around only to find all the professors there.

“We are getting spelled” Was the thought of the 6 teens.


Hoped you like this chapter, I know I got pressured a lot to finish it -.- my co writers are crazy. (If go missing they killed me ._.)

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