''Love cannot be controlled. That is what makes it the most powerful force in the universe.''


1. ''Kidnapped''

I had never, ever, been hit. Especially not by a guy.
So when he did- when he smacked the side of my forehead-hard, tears of surprise sprung to my eyes.
I quickly blinked them back feeling my cheeks burn with a sudden impact. ''Next time, make sure to seal your mouth.'' he growled making my lower lip tremble with fear. 

''Fuck you!'' I spat back ; immediately regretting it once I saw his jaw tighten. All of a sudden, his clenched jaw relaxed into a smirk as he gave me a stare-down with those piercing green eyes. ''Feel free to.'' he said, the smugness evident in his voice and that striking face.
Under other circumstances- say, when he wasn't the one chloroforming and kidnapping me; and bringing me in this god forsaken place I had no clue about- I would have considered him hot. Stylishly messy brown hair, ruffled back. Emerald green eyes. A black t-shirt clinging to his well-sculpted abs and biceps protruding out from his short sleeve giving a clear view of the tattoos that stained his arm. Yup. Definitely. 

But this guy was a psycopath. I didn't even know why I was here.

''Why am I even here?'' I shouted making him halt. ''Who are you?'' I croaked squirming in the wooden chair to which I was tied up. The tight grip of the thick rope hurt my wrists and ankles making me gasp in pain. He bent down and brought his face close to mine ''I'm Harry Styles,'' he whispered, making the hairs on the back of my neck hackle. Smirking, he got up and turned on his heel, ''someone you should be very afraid of.'' he added, his back facing me. Harry's deep, husky voice echoed through the dark hall or whatever this was, adding to its eerieness. The only source of light was the small ventilator high up on the concrete wall.

Just then, from somethere behind me, the sound of a heavy metal door opening filled my ears and extra light streamed into the deserted hall. My heart leaped up with joy at the thought of someone -anyone- coming to my rescue. But as I glanced over my shoulders, tears already welling up in my eyes, my face fell. I could only see the shadow of a tall, skinny guy with an object in his hand; which I recognised to be a laptop as he walked closer. 

The first thing that caught my eye was 'ZAP'. I mean, the tattoo on his hand which said, 'ZAP'. It was colourful and artistic. almost made me want one. I trailed my eyes up to his face; and with his unshaved chin-plus the tattoos engraving his hands- he looked almost as treacherous as Harry Styles. For a split second, his brown eyes locked with mine giving off the unfriendly vibe.

''Mate, it's done.'' his voice was thick, accented, and smooth. However, Harry, remained stagnant. Slowly, he turned around, his features more distinct and glowy under the light streaming in from the ventilator. 
''That's nice.'' he mumbled walking over to the 'ZAP' guy who held out the laptop to him. He murmured something to Harry and then looked at me smirking. I rolled my eyes. Them and their smirks. 

The metal door behind me made a heavy shutting sound indicating the 'ZAP' guy was gone. Leaving me alone with the Old Nick. 

''So,'' Harry started, grinning evilly. He pulled a chair, making it screech against the floor, and sat opposite me with the laptop. My heart beat hard against my chest because I knew he was going to do something. Which wouldn't be pleasant. 
''What do you want?'' I blurted helplessly. 

''Revenge, that's all I want.''



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