Harry is in love with Mayah. But there's one problem- she couldn't despise his arrogant manner more. Will Harry's pestering and perusing pay off? Or will he continue to be let down?


1. Partners

A new year, a new you. And a new girlfriend? Well that's what Harry wanted. After years of staring from afar, Harry finally plucked up the courage to ask Mayah out. First day of the last year of school! Of course she'll say yes, every other girl would.



'No. No I will not go out with you. I have class now ok?'

'Uh.. Okay?'

Confusion swept over Harry's face. Rejection. That was a first. He saunters off to his first class of the first day. Science. That's like putting salt in the wounds. Walking into the classroom late is also not a clever way to earn brownie points from a teacher.

'Mr Styles, you are late. Your reason?'

'I had to put some books in my locker. Sorry sir.'

'This is the first and last time you will be late Mr Styles. Understood?'

'Yes sir.'

'Good. Now take your seat. There is a free one at the back next to Mayah.'

A sly smirk was not hard to miss creeping across Harry's face as he wandered to the back of the class.

'Hey Mayah. Guess we're science partners.'

Mayah looked up and realised who was talking to her.


'It will be fun, don't worry.' Harry says smirking.

'You are about as fun as slamming my face into a door.'

'You are a cold person Mayah Montgomery. '

'Yeah. I was born that way.'

'So.. I was just wonder-'

'I'm actually trying to learn, so shut up and turn to page 22 like Mr Fitz said.'

'Fiesty. Were you born with that trait too?'

'Mr Fitz, Harry is being distracting.'

The class turns to look at Mayah. Did she seriously just call Harry Styles 'distracting'?

'Mr Styles, you saunter in here late with a pathetic excuse then sit down and start distracting other students! Young man, you have earned yourself a detention. Stay behind at the end of the lesson. And if I catch you being distracting again, you can leave my classroom!'

Mr Fitz was not a happy man. He glared at Harry before turning around to continue what he was writing on the board.

'Its not surprising that you would find me distracting. Especially when I'm this good looking.' Harry whispers.

'You are full of yourself. And shit.' Mayah hisses back before shutting her book, grabbing her bag and walking out the classroom.


'Yes Mr Styles?'

'Miss Montgomery just walked out of class. You should probably hold her back after class too.'

'Mr Styles, I am aware that Miss Montgomery just walked out of my class. Sitting next to you, I'm not surprised that she did. But thank you for notifying me.'

'Anytime Sir.' Harry replies, smirking.

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