My Angle

"Get down here you little slut" my mother called. This was normal she did it everyday, I would be her slave. If I didn't follow rules I got beat on. I have burusis on my back because of that evil witch. I refused to go down stairs. " No you fucking cunt" I yelled. I could here her coming up the stairs. I knew it was now or never. I looked at my door then the open window. The door the window. I ran. I jumped out the window. I ran and ran and ran. All I remember was I fell and hit my head bad. I kept thinking am I dead?

Chapter 2- how did this happen
I awoke on the side of the road, I looked up and I saw five boys looking down at me. One with curly brown hair, another with amazing blonde hair, one with hair spiked up just the littlest bit with a streak of blonde. Then there where two boys left and the one had an almost shaved head, and the other had amazing brown hair with a little bit of flow, I couldn't help myself from looking at him. How did this happen? How was I on the side of the road? Why did I not remember anything?

Chapter 3- the accsents
"Love are you okay" spoke out a voice. As the young boy with the spiked up hair put his hand out suggesting I grab it I did. He helped me up. My muscles where sore and I had a burn on my leg. I'm not sure what from yet. Once I was standing up I realized I was talking to the biggest boy band on the planet. Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis. Louis was the boy I couldn't stop looking at, he was perfect. There was something about his cheeky smile that made me want him. "What's your name darling?" I felt dizzy listening to there voice with there accsents, "Darling what's your name?" Louis asked again.

Chapter 4- what was my name?
"M-my name?" I said.
"Yes love what is it" said Harry.
"I can't remember I think it started with an M buts that's all I know"
"Okay, that's fine with us come on now you need some rest and you need to be washed up " said Liam.
I feel to the ground again, Louis grabbed my arm and helped me walk
"Thank you" I said
He just smiled.

Chapter 5- the bus
" Maybe it's the way she walked, straight into my heart and stole it. Through the doors and past the guards just like she already owned it. I said can you give it back to me she said never in your wildest dreams and we danced all night to the best song ever we knew every line now I can't remember how it goes but I know that I woulnt forget her cuz we danced all night to the best song ever. Said her name was Gorgia Rose and her daddy was a denist said I had a dirty mouth but she kissed like she ment it I said can you give it back to me she said never in your wildest dreams and we danced all night to the best song ever we knew everyline now I can't remember how it goes but I know that I woulnt forget her becuase we danced all night to the best song ever think it went oh oh oh think it went ya ya ya think it goes best song ever it was the best song ever" Louis was singing his voice so beautiful, I couldn't believe I was on there tour bus. When Louis was done singing, Zayn knocked on his door and said " group meeting".

"Okay so we got this girl in our bus who doesn't remember much and needs to be washed up" Who's going to do it?" Zayn said
Louis raised his hand and spoke out in a whisper " I will do it she's pretty and I kinda like her".

Chapter 6- wash up
"Hey ready to wash up" he said
I just noted my head and followed him. He started the shower and then turned it to bath he said in a whisper " do you want me to leave or stay"
" please stay" I said almost crying.
" So what's your deal" he asked
"My mother abuses me, I ran away from home I can remember running for hours and hoping she wouldn't find me then I just feel"
"Oh" " So I'm guessing you don't want to go home?"
No never I couldn't go home but where was I going to stay?
"I have to I have no where to stay"
"Stay here with me and the boys"
Louis helped me wash off and he said I could sleep with him tonight, I said "Thank you" then when I was drying off something amazing happend

Chapter 6- Oh my gosh
After helping me wash up I asked if he could help me dry off. He said " sure".He looked at me, then whispered " your so pretty" I could feel my cheeks burning red. We where nose to nose now and he said " can I kiss you" I noted my head and he kissed me. He kissed with such passion. Our toungs meet. Then a knock on the door startled both of us. I looked at him and gave him the look as if I was saying " Now what?"
" I like you a lot I promise I will not use you as a toy or make you feel hurt I will never break your heart and I know your life has been rough but will you go out with me?"
"Yes of course"
Then we kissed with passion again until the knock on the door repeated its self.
Chapter 7- Were just young kids
Knock knock. "What are you two kids doing?" Said Niall.
"Nothing" we said at the same time.
I smiled, he smiled too. His smile was perfect, he had the greatest teeth. " Louis I can't stay here with you. You guys are One Direction only the biggest boy band on the planet". His beautiful smile faded. "No you have to stay! You can't leave me!" He almost was yelling and you could tell by the trembling in his voice he was about to cry. " Okay" I said putting a fake smile on my face. Louis opened the bathroom door while holding my hand and said " Welcome Mrs. Tomlinson to the room". They all laugh cheerfully, as well as clap. " You two are just young kids don't be getting to attached to each other" Zayn said. Ya we really where just a couple of young kids.
Chapter 8- I'm falling so hard
Bed time approached and I was scared to admit it but I wanted to go to bed so much just to know I would be able to sleep next to that beautiful boy. We went to bed and then he kissed me while I was lying next to him. Then he started kissing me with more and more passion, our tongues met again this time it was a lot better. I started to rip his coke pyjamas off he smiled. Then I felt his smooth hands walking up my back. It was sensational feeling. After I finally beat the challenge of taking his pale white shirt off it revealed the most beautiful thing of all. His abs. His stomach was amazing. He was an angel sent from above, he was perfect. I was falling hard. Morning approached and I stretched my arms hoping to feel his smooth body against my scratchy hand, but there was nothing there. I was scared he may have ditched me. Where had he gone? Then I saw the note

9-The note
I picked up the note hoping for good news. Thank goodness it was. The note read " Good morning baby. Last night was great! I am out in the kitchen. I was hoping you were going to sleep late, if you go out to the kitchen and were not there its because we are going shopping for you! We have got to get you some sexy clothes. See ya later. Love: Louis,Niall,Zayn,Harry and Liam" I got up and saw red skinny jeans and a white and blue stripped fashion tank top with a white bennie. I went to the long mirror and brushed my long brown hair and put the Bennie on. It looked really good. I realized that I didn't have any shoes. I was going to say to Louis I was going shopping for some toms. I walked out to the kitchen and Louis yelled "There's my baby!" I smiled I liked how he talked to me. It made me feel special for once. "Thank you for buying me clothes" I appreciate it." I am going to go to the mall to get a new pair of toms okay? I said " wait wait wait I already bought you some" I smiled and gave him a quick kiss. Well we where eating breakfast my stomach stated to get a sharp pain and I realized I missed my period. "Lou I don't feel good I'm going to go back to bed" I said in a sad voice " "okay" he said well kissing my hair. I got up to go to the bedroom and then I feel to the ground in pain. All the boys rushed over to me and asked if I was okay. Liam said something like "What if she's pregnant" "Go get her a test now!" Louis was yelling. I heard the door slam. And then I heard slam again. I took the test and it came back positive. "Ah Louis I'm pregnant I am so sorry I will get up and leave right now" "No you can't leave I love you and if it mean I have to be a dad then it looks like I'm going to be a dad you know you didn't do this alone" he said. I smiled and hugged him. I guess we were going to be a happy family after all.

Louis P.O.V.
Oh my goodness I can't believe I am going to be a dad! Sure I wasn't to happy about it at all but it wasn't her fault. It's a two person job to get one person pregnant and I really like her and I don't want her to leave shes my pride and joy. I met her yesterday but I love her.
Chapter 10- The baby
*Nine months later*
It's been nine months were expecting the baby any day now I know what gender it's going to be, but I didn't want to tell Louis. We came up with names if it's a girl Tara Ella Tomlinson. If its a boy William Jay Tomlinson. The pain got worse and worse everyday. The contractions came every minute. Then my water broke. Louis was freaking out and then he came back to life and drove me to the hospital. With in an hour of being there the doctor told me to push. The pushing lasted five to ten minutes then little baby William Jay Tomlinson was born on December 17 2013. I couldn't believe it I was a mother but not only Louis was a father. William had dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes they reminded me of the piece full moments at home where I got my ten minute break. I went to the lake. His eyes were perfect. We where ready to go home the next day with William. We brought him home and showed uncle Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn the new addition to the family and then laid him down for a nap. Well he was napping Louis asked the question I had forgot about. The most important thing about me.My name.
Chapter 11- My name
"So honey what's your name do your remember yet?" He asked
"Oh, well what about Maddie, Ella, I know you said it started with an M but still you could be wrong"
Then I remembered the horrible mornings back at home "Ella get your ass down here you filthy animal" I could here my mother in my head saying that. " M-my name is Ella" I said we'll trying not to think back to the terrible memories.
"What a pretty name for such a pretty girl like you" he said sweetly.
I grinned and I could feel my cheeks burning red. Then I moved close to him and kissed him with passion and snuggled into his nice buff arms. When William awoke and was crying I slid out of his arms and looked at the time it was 1:30 am. I got William up and fed him his bottle. I loved him with all my heart. No one could compare.
Chapter 11- Where's William
I put William back to bed and went back in Louis arm. Louis and I both awoke to the noise of a bang and rushed to Williams room. The window was open and William wasn't there. We quickly called the cops and they rushed over here but they told us that they most likely wouldn't find him. But it was a mothers intense to find there baby.

Where's William?
"William, William" I yelled I fell on the floor crying. "Babe, babe it's okay." Louis said. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me close into his chest to cry. " it's not okay babe it's not our son is fucking gone an- then I was cut off by the feeling I was quite aware of the feeling of Louis lips pressed onto mine. Kissing me was his way of saying " shut up it will be okay". The next day I went into Williams room. When I saw a slip of paper on the ground I picked it up and it said " I have the baby, you stool my man, this baby should have been mine! Love Kay ." Elli was my best friend and her real name was Katy she was dating before Louis and I but Louis broke up with her and asked me out I liked him so much so I did say yes. I guess she got really mad. After I read the note I fell to the ground in shock I screamed so loud I bet all of Los Angeles heard me. After that large scream I felt like I was going to cry a river of tears out. Then Louis came running in. I showed him the note, he said " No" I knew he was about to cry and I didn't want to see that so I quietly said "Jimmy protested" he laughed a bit. After I was done crying I realized I'm going to find my baby if it was the last thing I ever did.
Chapter 13- finding William
I knew I had to find William. Louis and I spoke and I said a one million dollar award for who ever brings him back. Louis agreed so we had broadcast on every channel there was photos and posters everywhere. Then I got a phone call. " Hello"
"Hello Mrs. Tomlinson this is the police station, we found William but he's in very critical condition, we think he may die."
I dropped the phone in shock and yelled Louis, Louis ran in and drove me right to the station to see my baby. I cried when I saw him he looked so peaceful. Even though he was hooked up to wires. Then on the one thing that tells you wether the heart is beating or not went flat. William Jay Tomlinson died. He wasn't breathing he had no pulse. My pride and joy was gone. We went home after all the stress and I took a shower. Then I looked down and saw that burn that was there from the day Louis and I met. I finally remember what it was from. A truck. My mom tried chasing me down, and she got the hot engine right up my leg and burnt it. That's what that was from. I remembered, that day.
Chapter 14 the funeral
" we are gather here today to pay our respects to the Tomlinson family who lost there pride and joy, William Jay Tomlinson he may have been young but he was still apart of the family and never will be forgotten". After the ceremony was done Louis and I went for a walk on the beach that was my favourite place to go, I told Louis it reminded me of Williams eyes. " Louis someday I want to get married on the beach"
"Me too" he said.
Then Louis picked up a rosé.....
Chapter 15- the surprise
And bent down on one knee and grabbed a red velvet box from his pocket. "Ella I have been through so much with you, tic and thin and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so will you do me the honour and marry me?"
I just stood there wide eyes almost crying shocked. "Y-yes L-ou then I was cut of by the feel of his lips pressed against mine. I knew that my wedding day was going to be the best day of my life at least I hoped.


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