4. run

i was running trying to get away from them. i realized that i did not know tho they were all i kn ow is that they are chancing me and they sound mean. i will not stop running until i hear a voice i recognize as joeys so i run to where it sounded to be, then i woke up. i am full of sweat with joey by the cot i was sleeping on. i quickly realize that it was all just a dream and i hug joey and will not let go. he lifts me off the bed and on to his lap. i am crying because the dream scared me so bad.

me and joey walk downstairs together. sawyer sees us and looked at us with a confused look on his face. joey and i suddenly start laughing because he thought that we were suddenly dating. no me and joey are surprised that sawyer thought that. 

later that day joey said he would take me to my apartment that i had before i had lost my memory. when we got there i was not sure i wanted to go in there. i had no idea what was in there. there could be anything imaginable. we walked up the stairs wile joey started vloging. i was just staring at him wile he did it and then he looked at me and said "all my chicketyanyas want to meet sawyers little sis, do you mind if i show you face." i knew he was joking and said "yes i guess" in a really annoyed tone. he pointed the camera at me and i said to the camera "gotta give the fans what they want." then he stopped video taping. i asked him why he did but he just pointed at a group of girls all wearing a shirts that said "i am a psychopath" on them. joey talked to them as i tried the key i had on every door until i found the one it fit in. 

i peeked inside and realized that it was really well organized. i saw joey running and mouthing the words "open the door." i opened it and we ran inside and shut the door. then we started to look around. i found what looked like my bedroom i guess. i looked in the closet and saw that almost my whole wardrobe was huge and baggy on me. when joey walked in the room he asked me to do a "fashion show" i pick out all the things that were cute and when into the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. first outfit i tried on was an adventure time tank top, a pair of adventure time leggings and a Finn hat. when i came out he looked at me and said "yes! someone else who loves adventure time as much as i do." i laughed and said "if you like adventure time then i have the best outfit that i think would fit you." i threw a plaid red shirt and told him to put it on wile i change. i put on a blue t-shirt and a dark blue mini skirt and some knee high socks and found a Fiona hat. when i came out joey looked at me and laughed. we walked back to his place dressed like that and we got some weird looks from people. 

once we got home sawyer was not home so joey invited me to come and make a video with him. he announced me as if i was a youtuber. Then I remembered that I was. Joey started off the video by saying "hey guys I thought you would like to meat my girlfriend Kat don't tell Shane" I started laughing. Joey was pulling a hurt look."joey we haven't told sawyer though." i giggled joey stopped the video, and said, "would it be that bad anyways?" he said with a little bit of a smile. "no" i replied and then unexpectedly he kissed me. after i realize what is going on i satart to kiss him back.

i never wanted that moment to end but then sawyer walked in. "what is going on in here?" he says winking at joey.i think sawyer has known this whole time about it. but i did not care. when sawyer left joey asked me if i wanted to go to a party with him. of course i said yes.


hey guys. so what do you think? if you liked it comment your favourite part. 



















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