Loved You first

Katy Perry and One Direction are good friends but one run in at taco bell changes their life. The 6 of them love each other as friends but that quickly changes. Love triangles, complicated love, and new friend ships rise along with heartbreak and , life changing moments. Friendships will crumble, Friends will be enemies. Can things be restored?


2. Chapter 2-Idiotic Niall

*Harry's point of view*

I went into the bathroom and took off my wet clothes. I put on the clothes she gave and they fit me just right. They were a pair of gray sweats and a plain white shirt. I took off my wet boots and left the bathroom.

"Gimme your clothes, before I left I put some clothes in the washing machine and was gonna put them in the dryer when I came back." She said walking over to me. "And place your boots by the heater, it's in front of the bathroom."

I went to where back towards the bathroom and placed my boots on the floor, I went back to the table and took a seat. I got my tea and starting drinking it as I waited for her.

"So." She said walking back into the dining room "I would give you a ride back to your place but my car was having issues so it’s at the auto shop. Sorry." She said sitting down across the table.

"It's ok, I'll text Liam to come get me or something." I said grabbing a biscuit.

As I got one my phone started vibrating, Liam was calling me.

"Go ahead and pick up, I need to go do something in my room real quick." She said getting up.

I nodded then picked up.

"Hello." I said taking a bit of my biscuit

"Harry where are you? It's pouring, and you’re not back, I thought you were gonna get some tacos and come back in 15 minutes. I'm pretty sure it's doesn't take an hour to order and eat 2 tacos." I heard Liam's worried voice say

"Calm down. I ran into Katy and I made her drop her tacos and bought her more. I walked her to her house and when I was gonna leave her house it started raining then I fell so I'm staying at her house till the rain dies down." I said

"Katy Perry?" He asked


"Oh, anyways I was just watching the news with Zayn and they said the rains staying strong well into the night, won't stop until midnight or so."

"Then can you come pick me up?"

"Yeah, where does she live?"

"I don't know, all I know is she’s one of the back door neighbors. There's a really nice bed of flowers in the front yard, pink and light pink"

"We'll try to look for it." He said before hanging up

I put my phone down and finished my biscuit. I was finishing my tea when she came back from her room.

"Liam said they were gonna come pick me up in a bit." I aid putting my tea cup down.

We continued to talk for a bit then Liam called me again.
"Now what?" I said picking up
"So Louis was about to go pick you up but Niall didn't let him." He said


"I was telling Louis whose house you were at and Niall over heard and he got mad. He was like "why didn't that cunt text me that he was with her", so Niall's not letting any of us leave the house. I don't get why because that's just giving you more time with her when he wants to be the one with her but he can figure that out himself later."

"So pretty much your telling me im stuck here and I have to ask her if i can spend the night?!"
"Um, if you put it that way then yes"

"Well, once Niall thinks this through correctly tell him it's too late to come get me"

"Wait, Liam!!" I heard Niall yell in the background

I hung up on Liam because I didn't want to her Niall's yelling. As i did Katy cane back and sat in her chair. I looked over at Katy and she was turning on the TV.

"Er, can I spend the night? If you don't want me to that's ok, Niall's not letting Louis come and-"

"I don't need an explanation, I heard what Liam was saying. His voice is loud on your phone"

"So can I?"

"Sure. I'll get the guest room ready for you" she said getting up.

"Yay!! Sleep over!!!!!!" I yelled

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