Teenage Runaways

I'm the oldest child of my family of 4. My mom and dad, me and my youngest sister. We live on a large farm miles away from town. My dad abuses me, my mom is to scared to stop him. I've gotten used to him constantly beating me when he mad or just wants to. I let him take it out me because I don't want him to touch my sister. I will do anything to keep him away from her. I need to leave this place. I need to find a safe place for me and her. Far from this farm.


1. Teaser!

Brianna's p.o.v

My dad came home from work and I could clearly see that he was not in a good mood. As he walked in to the kitchen where my little sister Sarah was washing the dishes, I already knew what was going to happen next so I jumped in front of him. I felt his cold fingers move through my hair. I felt dry tears fall down my face. He was going to rape her if I didn't step in. "Please don't." I whisper. "Come with me." He demands gripping my arm and pulling me in to the bedroom.

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