The Academy

Kamber Marie Evans, Kam to her friends, is a student at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, a school for aspiring spies, even though the staff claim it is a school for geniuses, everyone knows the truth. If you have the security clearance that is. Kam speaks fourteen languages, not including dialects, she she is a black belt in 5 different kinds of karate and tae kwon do, and she's a first rate gymnast. She can run a marathon in less than 2 hours, and she is an expert at covert operations, a class at the Academy that teaches students how to sneak around like spies without being noticed. Kamber's life is almost perfect. Kam has always known she was adopted when she was younger, and she knows that her parents were still alive, and had OTHER kids. Other girls, and an older brother. All she knows is that they live in Britain, henceforth her British accent. She has toyed with ideas as to why her parents gave her up, but when her adoptive parents, the Evans, are killed in a car crash, her biological family appears out of nowhere, with promises to make her life better. But she doesn't realize that he Tomlinsons can help her. Kam is angry that her family would stay away from her life for 18 years, so she tries to run away all the time, she does drugs, drinks, anything she can to get her mind off of her impossible life. When "Mummy Tomlinson", as Kam refers to her, decides to send her away with her older brother Louis on tour with his world famous band, Kam uses her spy skills to prank the boys, thwart them in any way she can. At least, until they give her up to an orphanage again, or best yet, send her back to the Academy, to her friends: Samantha, Caroline, and Riley.
On the other hand, Louis Tomlinson had never known he had another sister. When he finally discovers her drug use, he is determined to help her in any way he can, except set her up with one of the other boys. But Kam doesn't want Louis' help, she doesn't want anyone's help, unless she knows them from the "Academy". Louis has no idea what the Academy is, other than that it is the rich boarding school Kam attended during years 7-12, but he is determined to find out, plus why does Kam appear to hate him?

Can years worth of lack of trust and knowing someone be made up for in just one world tour? Find out in: "The Academy"


6. Graduation Starts

Tina O'Neill stepped forward after Braelyn had sat down amidst the laughter all around her.

"My memory is probably more..." Tina chose her words carefully. "Enlightening. When I was ten, I woke up in the middle of the night, sobbing because I had a bad dream. I remember my entire family waking up and helping me go back to sleep. We all crowded into my little twin sized bed, and snuggled, then, the next morning, we all bitched at each other again, like it hadn't even happened."

Laughter erupted, Gallagher Girls weren't supposed to cuss, but it often slipped out anyway, especially during gym class finals at the end of the year. Some schools made kids run a mile in seven or so minutes, we had to run a full marathon without stopping to walk, never mind timing, just finishing was hard enough, so as long as we finished without slowing down significantly, we passed.

"Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, family is there for you when you need it, and not there when you don't."

As much as I loved Tina's kindness, I couldn't help the retort that slipped my mouth. "If that's true, then where was my family, the entire 18 years when I needed them?"

Tina looked at me with a sad look. "Maybe you thought you did, but didn't. You had your foster family, right?" I suddenly remembered, when Tina's mother died giving birth to her youngest brother, Wesley, her father had killed himself, and left Tina and her older brother Johnny to pick up the pieces of their broken family, not to mention take of a young baby.

"Tina, I'm sorry, it just slipped my mind."

Tina laughed, a brilliant smile lighting up her entire face. "It slips my mind too, sometimes, we don't always need to be sad, we can be happy, too. It's perfectly understandable that you might forget, what with the car crash and all." She gave me a slight hug, then sat next to Braelyn on the bench, as Christine Chavez got up, and began to share her story.

*2 months later.*

"Ok, everyone! Listen up!!!" Headmistress Breber called the attention of the entire cafeteria. "We all know how graduations will go, we've been doing it for years, but there is a more pressing issue I want to discuss. I'm sure that at this point, word has reached your ears of Kamber's new family."

The whole cafeteria nodded, so point in denying it, right?

"Alright, well, they'll be arriving here shortly, in about an hour, I believe. Everyone will be on their best behavior, right?"

Once again, nodding filled the Great Hall. "Oh, and, the school will be on level four lockdown until they leave, no mentioning anything about... oh, who am I kidding, you know what a level four lockdown is. Enjoy your breakfasts. Sam, I need to speak with you."

Since we are a school for spies, a level four lockdown is when we hid everything that might give us away, and no acting or mentioning of it either. That meant, no other languages, no acting extremely in shape, and no acting like my family are a bunch of stupid idiots.

Sam rolled her eyes, and got up to see what her mother needed, and was rolling her eyes continuously when she got back.

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