Rachael and the Daughter of Poseidon (Book 1)

Rachael is a Demi-god. Rachael Eatock has been in camp seen she was 3 and isn't allowed to leave because she will get attacked by to many monsters. she thinks she is the only young child of the big three but she was sssssooooo wrong. What happens if their is another child of the big three? Will she be nice to them or will she be mean? Percy Jackson fan fiction. So characters aren't mine they are rick riordan like Percy Jackson, annabeth chase and many more.


1. Characters and character competition

I have 7 characters that are mostly girls. I need more characters. If you want to be in the story please post a comment with the following details:



What your eyes look like:

What your hair looks like:

Do you stay in camp? If so why:

What age did you come to camp Half-Blood:

Do they have a power:

ADHD or dyslexic or both:

Fatal flaw:

Son or Daughter of what god or goddess:




I can't have a child of Zeus, Hades or Poseidon because I have an idea for my story and I don't want them to have any children

Rachael Eatock.

12 years old

Electric blue but sometimes grey or in between

Brown curly (more so when wet), long like to have in french plat done by herself

To dangerous to leave camp because of who her father is and she would get attacked by a lot of monsters and her mum can't take care of her because she was only 18 when she had Rachael.

2 years old but didn't get claimed until the age of 3. 

She can read people very easily and can read minds. (No else is allow to say their character can read minds.)

She has dyslexia.

She stays quite when people are doing something e.g..bullying and doesn't trust many people.

Daughter of Zeus.

Smart, clever, funny, kind, caring, strong, always happy and when people are feeling down she cheers them up.

Anything expect for spears and dangers.

Doesn't care what she looks like or wears.

Picture of Rachael.


BENcan'tswim's character.

Chloe Harmer

12 years old

Grey like sadness.

Brown and dead straight  likes it up in pony tail.



She can see past and future. She can also bring people from the dead/underworld and she can make gold, diamonds ect.

She has dyslexia

She s angered easily and jumps into things without thinking.

Daughter of -----------------------

She is sarcastic, cold towards newcomers but with friends generally fun.

Her weapon is a knife, can use any blade.

Doesn't care what she wears but it is usually dark and gothic.


this is only 2 of the characters i have the others are daughter of Ares, daughter of Apollo and daughter of Athena and my co-authors characters.

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