Scarred Skins

London is threatened after war is declared. A man is wanted, he knows the truth. They have to find him, uncover him and save their already torn skins.


10. Scene 10

SIS headquarters. Ariadne and some others are sat reclining on chairs watching the news. Images on dead soldiers in a dusty, Eastern country. Freya waltzes in with a bandage round her head.

Freya- I can’t wait to take this of.

Ariadne- What? It’s your best look yet.

Freya- Hahaha. When did your sarcasm become so lame?

Agent- It’s always been.

Freya- Actually, I would have to disagree on that. If it wasn’t so shockingly inappropriate, I’d probably be respecting your… sass?

Ariadne- Hasn’t taken her eyes from the T.V. Honoured.

Agent- Anyway, how are your leads going?

Freya- Lead. Crap. It’s a dead end.

Ariadne- Nothing is a dead end, all roads lead to fucking Rome.

Freya- if you’re heading in a straight line.

Ariadne- How long is a piece of string?

Freya- What?

Ariadne- How long is straight?

Freya- Right.

Agent- Shut up. Ari, maybe it’s time you took a holiday?

Ariadne turns to face the agent with a sly smile.

Ariadne- Maybe I should.

Agent- yes. You’re tired.

Ariadne- Maybe I should go to Venice for a bit, or skiing in the Alps.

Agent- Great ideas, give us all some piece.

Ariadne- Mmm. But Sweetie, who’s going to look after your arses? There isn’t any Mummy who’s going to came flying in to save you burning off your skins and losing thousands of priceless documents. Now, how could I even be so selfish as to give you responsibility?

Agent- That was that one time.

Freya- What? That actually happened?

Ariadne- It’s classified.

Agent gets up and leaves.


BB Comes in passing the steaming Agent.

BB- Ariadne. What did you say to him?

Ariadne- Me?

BB- Don’t give me that crap. Leads?

Freya looks at Ariadne. Ariadne notices the silence and glances at Freya.

Ariadne- Shit. You’re expecting me to answer?

Freya- You’re the one in charge.

Ariadne- Exactly, what good is that if I can’t get you to do the work?

Freya- Fine. Just the note saying STARBROKE Frost.

BB- No ideas about what that is?

Freya- None.

BB- Ariadne?

Ariadne- It’s a new bomb development the government is setting up to win this damn war in the East.

Freya- What? How the hell did you know that?

Ariadne- Contacts.

Freya- Who? I thought we were a team?

BB- Good. When are you going?

Ariadne- Tomorrow, plane leaves at five.

Freya- Oh, great. Am I booked on?

Ariadne- Of course, don’t be an idiot.

BB- Can’t say I blame her for that question, but glad you’re learning Ariadne.

Ariadne- Yeah, I never knew how to book two tickets before, so mind blowing.

BB- I expect a full report as soon as you get back and updates every day at half seven precisely. Time deadline?

Ariadne- You know how I like it.

BB- See you tomorrow or fifty years then.

Ariadne- I’ll try to be nice.

BB- Oh, I do know how hard that is for you.

Ariadne- Adios Senor.

BB- Piss off.

BB Exits.

Freya- so, when were you going to tell me?

Ariadne- About?

Freya- You know exactly what I mean.

Ariadne- Trust your gut.

Freya- That makes sense.

Ariadne- Freya. I’m irritating, unpredictable. But I am efficient. I get things done swiftly, quickly and mercilessly. Don’t annoy me now. I will see you tomorrow.

Freya- You did not just say that. Am I just some pathetic little girl to you? You haven’t been in service much longer than me. I don’t know what you’ve seen, what you’ve felt, who you’ve lost, but it wasn’t my fault and I deserve respect.

Freya storms out and bumps into BB.

Freya- Who is she?

BB- Who?

Freya- Ariadne. What is she about? I don’t understand her.

BB- Used to getting on with people?

Freya- Well damn if I am!

BB- She was lost for a year.

Freya- What?

BB- Events happened. Personally and business. She savaged the ties between us… her life. I still don’t know what happened, but she was never was the same. She’s off the hook and I wouldn’t trust her if my life depended on it, but we need her, Freya. She will do all to protect.

Freya- You let her back?

BB- She knows how to play people.

Freya- And you know she’s playing you?

BB- She’s playing us all. She wants something.

Freya- What that’s? Penance?

BB- Way too proud for that. We’ll know one day. Just suck it up.

Freya- For now. But after this case I want out of this partnership.

BB- That is the popular want nowadays.

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