Foreign Pastures

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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 23 Jan 2014
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1. Foriegn Pastures

When I in foreign pastures lay,
Upon the soft and starlit ground
Cradled softly in the arms
Of night and all she brings along.
I watched the silent creatures fly
Carried high in summer's breath
Gently rocked from side to side
Forever carried in the wind.
Tonight reminds me yet again
Of that fair night so long ago
When drifting through sleeps gentle grasp
I dreamt of angels wings and followed
Their voices soft as child's play
Until upon your fair brow fastened
My eyes. You took my breath away.
I stood and stared for minutes. Hours!
Until the gentle light of dawn
The waking sun began to glow
And stole from me, so bittersweet
The memory of your sleeping face.
But now before me in the flesh
Shining you stand, fully awake
Your face in changed, but heart remains.
Just like that night in foreign pastures
As I counted the stars within your eyes.

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