Crimson Dreams (Jeff the Killer/werewolf romance)

When midnight finds out she isn't as normal, she wakes up to not remember a thing. She finds out a big secret about herself. And if that isn't bad enough. She has a mate. Wait theres more. He's a murderer. She doesn't remember the one thing that makes her mate so special to her. Will her memories ever come back or will she learn how to adapt to her life? New Life, New Memories. Will she figure everything out by the end or will she be stuck in her bloody crimson dreams...


1. The Dream

          "Don't go to sleep," Jeff pleaded as his voice blended into Jane's, "you won't wake up." Her demonic laughter filled my ears as her knife dug it's way into my chest.

          "-night! Midnight! Wake up!" I jumped off of my bed and landed in a crouch on the floor. I looked upon my bed to see a boy, wearing an orange hoody. His bangs hang over his eyes. But his eyes were hidden under a mask.

          "Who are you," I stepped back, attempting to hide my fear.

          He looked confused and hurt. "You don't remember me?"

          I shook my head. "Am I supposed to?"

          "Um...", he thought," yeah, I think. I am Masky. "

          I shot up. I needed to see where I was. I couldn't take this anymore. "I have to get out of here," I stumbled fearfully. A pain shot up my torso and into my throat as I howled in agonizing pain. My nose and mouth extended into a fleshy muzzle. Arms turned to paws, and legs did as well. Every ounce of my body burned. Every muscle bent. Every bone reshaped. The pain faded and my body prickled as fur escaped the holds of my skin. Relief soon flooded through me soon after.

          "M-Midnight?" The boy looked at me as I stood up. "Y-You are a w-wolf..."

          I tried to answer, but it came out in a confused whine. I looked down at myself. Crimson fur covered most of my body, all except my underbelly. The remaining fur was white, and cotton soft.

          "I'm going to get Slenderman..."

          He left the room in a hurried jog. Who's Slenderman?

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