To my husband, (I have yet to meet)

To my husband, that I have yet to meet. I will say, that all in this poem, applies to me as well.


1. To my husband, (I have yet to meet)

I want you to hold me tight,
hold me and kiss me all through the night.

To tell me that you love me every day,
never to go away.

I need you to dry every tear from my eye,
and to never make me cry.

To correct me when I'm wrong,
and sometimes sing our song.

To forgive me when I'm mad,
and tell me when you feel bad.

To own up to your mistakes,
and think about the moves you make.

To be honest all the time,
and know that you will always be mine.

To say you're sorry when I'm sad,
and to someday be an amazing dad.

To guide us through our life,
from the day you make me your wife.

To be true to our dear God above,
and to imitate his kindness, selfishness and love.

To let love peacefully rule our home,
and let God be our spiritually comb.

I will love you till the day that I die,
and that will never happen, you know why.

I will always stand by your side,
and together we will take on the fight.

I will support you in any way that I can,
to me you will always be my man.

Hard times can be hard to swallow,
but wherever you lead I will follow.

Let God be the third string in our thread,
and He will always give us our daily bread.

Written by Sascha Dollard  February 23, 2013

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