One Want


1. One Want

I want a man,
not a boy.
Someone to hold me,
so all the bad things go away.
Just hold me.
Don't say anything,
just hold me tight.

Love me with all your heart,
love me like I love you.

Stand by me all the time.
I have your back,
like you have mine.

Hold my hand like a fragile flower,
kiss me when I take a shower.
Hold me close to you as I've seen it,
and kiss me like you mean it!

Don't ever leave me,
cause my body can't take a broken heart again.
If you do I'm through with men,
and I'll never love again.

Don't hurt me so we can't fix it,
then I know we can make it.

Don't let the romance go,
we just need to show,
that our love will never die,
and i swear that's no lie!

Written by Sascha Dollard  August 28,  2012

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