Latin Girl

About a girl named rosemary who has been Justin's friend since they were born. She has had a crush on him since she was 10, but he never noticed. After a year without seeing each other spark something? Or will she go unnoticed again? Read and I guarantee you will love it


10. The whole family knows

•chapter 9•


"Luke?" I asked as Justin and I walked in the hotel room with my mom. Justin and my mom haven't spoken a word. Luke was sitting on the bed, his face in his hands.


"How could this happen..." He said.


"I'm sorry, sir." Justin responded. Luke shot his head up. He didn't know he was there.


"You." He growled as he stood up and lunged towards Justin. He stood back as my mother held Luke by the arm. I saw one tear roll down Luke's face. "I have known you since you were a kid Justin. How can you do this to me? How can you do this to yourself?" He said holding back more tears to come.


"I don't know, but I'm never leaving Rose. I promise." Justin said a bit startled. Luke sat back down. Then we heard a knock on the door.


"Rosemary Juanita Gonzalez. Open this door, now!" A familiar voice said through the door.


"It's your dad." My mom said. I looked over at Justin and his face was pale and full of fear.


"Rose." My dad said. I opened the door. "Your mom told me last night and I rushed over here."


"Why didn't you wait until we came home?" I asked.


"I don't have a passport. Who cares about me. Rose, what are you doing getting pregnant at 15? Where's Justin?"


"Right here." He said from across the room. He was looking down at his toes, scared. Then my dad walked over to the wall where Justin was at and pinned him there.


"You listen here little punk."


"Daddy!" I started to cry but Luke held me back in order to not get in the middle of it.


"You leave my daughter alone for one week, you are getting it. You see that innocent little girl of mine? You are going to take care of her," he yelled as Justin was trembling of anger and fear, "and you are going to be there for that baby. My family doesn't believe in abortion or adoption so you are going to take damn good care of that baby. And my baby. If you miss one day in their lives, I will hunt you like a dog. You don't know what I'm capable of young man."


"Yes Mr. Lancio." Justin said.


"Alright. Even though I'm very disappointed, I think I speak for Luke, your mom and I, we are going to be here for you. I just needed to scare some sense into the boy."


"Well, you did." Justin said.


"Good. C'mon Luke and Ruby, lets go for some coffee." My dad said. Then they all got up and left.


"Your parents and Luke are weirdly close." 


"I know. Are you okay?"


"Psh me? Is Justin bieber scared? Uh, no." He smiled. I raised an eyebrow. "Fine just a little bit scared, but it's only because it was your dad and Luke in the same room wanting to strangle me."


"I'm taking a shower and spending the night in the hotel."


"Can I join?" He asked. I turned around.




"It was a joke." He smiled. I sat on top and him and put my arms around my neck while his hands were on my waist. I kissed him.


"Good." I proceeded to get, but he kept me down.


"You know everything is cleared up and we have nothing to worry about."


"And?" I knew something was up his sleeve.


"The first time wasn't right. I want to get it right." He smiled. Then I just kissed and understood what he meant. I kissed him hard while my hands were in his hair while his hands were up my shirt.




*'Hey rosey, lets make a mud pie!' He smiled 'Okay Justin!' I clapped as we made a mud pie. 'When is your mommy coming to pick you up, rosey?' He looked innocent. 'I don't know yet Justin.'


That was my only memory I had when Justin made me feel better. My parents were fighting the custody battles and I'm sure Justin was always cheering me up, but that one day when we made mud pies was the only memory I had of us.*



Justin left 15 minutes ago and my dad texted me that Luke and my mom were on their way. So, I was in the hotel room all by myself. I'm just laying down thinking over memories of Justin and I. When was I going to show? I never wanted to.

"We're back." Luke said as he and my mom walked in.


"Hey," I said, "we need to talk."


"What is it?" Both of them asked.


"Can I move in with Justin until we can find our own place for the baby? We talked about it and Pattie wouldn't mind at all."


"It's up to your mom." Luke said.


"Mom? Please. I want Justin to be there every step of the way." My mom started to think and after an hour she finally came up with a decision.


"Yes, but only if I can transfer you to go to school in the fall."


"Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. I promise my grades will be the best." I smiled.




"I'm moving with you. My mom said yes." I told Justin on the phone.


"That is great news."


"Justin go to bed. We are going back tomorrow after we pick up Rose." I heard Kenny say in the background.


"Alright babe, I have to go. Goodnight."



"Night." I hung up the phone my mom was asleep, but Luke was still awake. Then I fell asleep.

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